Clear Sankara Stones *update* - COMPLETED!

Reading this thread has totally spurred my interest in trying this myself and seeing what results!

Just be prepared to spend a bit more money than you would expect! Also it SMELLS LIKE DEATH so I recommend doing it outside!

Agreed. I would also like to give this a go.

Great job and thank you for sharing

Good luck! Hopefully my findings help, but it is still a nutty experiment. Lots of trial and error! It's essentially a big smelly science experiment!
Question? You said the color burned out due to the heat… was that because of the extra hardener or just the nature of the product?

Perhaps if I used different dye / pigment it might have stayed, but I opted to paint the exterior instead since I think it looks more accurate and creates a really beautiful effect. And when i say this thing got hot I mean HOT. I wish I had a temperature gun while making this, because these things would burn my hands even with thick gloves on.

Holy Cow! These are absolutely amazing looking!!!

Are you selling these, or just making them for fun? Maybe I missed that information.

I might have 2 or 3 left over after giving to close friends, but honestly I recommend springing for RestauraJones or Azuma's Sankara stones.

Unless I move to a studio or find a solid replacement for the extremely expensive Matrix Clear we used to coat them - I don't think I will be taking these on again. It was incredibly toxic, expensive and unpredicatble. I threw away A LOT.

But thank you for asking!! Go with Restaurajones or DM Azuma on Indygear if you can afford it!

Link: RestauraJones
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