temple of doom

  1. Mooniteman

    Willie Scott Bridge outfit / bead research

    Hey! Was doing some basic research on Willie Scott's sacrificial dress - particularly the bridge outfit. Found a DAMN close pattern with Simplicity 5359 BUT was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on terminology I should be using to search for the beads across the dress- particularly the...
  2. peter74

    Limited Run Temple of Doom - Kali Ma Sankara Stone display with light

    This is a project that i started a long time and that I finally finished, I thought I would like to have a version of the skull of the goddess Kali Ma with the stones inside that light up in a small version to hang on the wall, so I started to sculpt by hand following the images of the film...
  3. Mooniteman

    Clear Sankara Stone casting - update - IT WORKED! + new sculpt!

    Hey guys! So I wanted to try making some mini and maybe full-sized Sankara stone Replicas for fun. I have seen the PERFECT replicas by @RestaurantJones, but just wanted to do this as a side project / chance to learn a new technique. I've heard from him and others that adding a TON of hardener...
  4. Don93

    Limited Run Indiana Jones Club Obi Wan/Lao Che Air Freight 2 inch Medallion Challenge Coin

    Indiana Jones Club Obi Wan/Lao Che Air Freight 2 inch Medallion Challenge Coin. Club Obi-Wan logo on front side and Lao Che Air Freight logo on back 2 inch in size Antique brass or antique silver plated Quarter is shown only for size reference and is not included in sale In hand and ready to...
  5. Restaurajones

    Sankara Stones lighted set -standard version

    In stock two sets of my new lighted standard version of the Sankara stones from Temple of Doom Price 250 € + shipping costs This exceptional set is composed by: -Three different translucent Sankara stones with accurate cracking effect: SV1, SV3 and SV1B (same stones as my old deluxe set) -...
  6. Serenity

    Want to Buy Lao Che gold coins from Temple of Doom (Markpoon version only)

    Does anyone out there have a set of the Markpoon "Lao Che" gold coins from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? To be clear, I'm only looking for the Markpoon specific version as I already have or had other versions in my collection, but I've yet to get a set of those. Send me a PM if you...