Sankara sanskrit, indiana jones and the temple of doom


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I was wondering if anyone out there could advise me on making a sankara sanskit from Indiana Jones and the temple of doom? Are there any tutorials out there at all? I really would like to make one for my own collection.. thanks in advance :)
Hi I made mine recently by printing off an image of one online, cutting round it tracing it on cloth then cutting that out, I then used a knife to cut round the edges making it look old and fraid. Using Tea I stained it leaving it sit in tea water for a few hours. Finally I just used acrylic paints to paint on the design I couldn't think of a easier way to get the design onto the cloth. Perhaps printing the image onto tracing paper might work.
I'm just about to make mine, I'm planning on using my opaque projector to cast the image onto the fabric, so I can get accurate proportions.
Good idea, This is how mine turned out not too screen accurate but gets the general feel across


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I used online pictures/screencaps and resized those to the dimensions I liked. Used carbon paper to transfer outlines and letters to the cloth. Then used markers and paint pens to color the image. Used standard ink for the letters.
It's been a while, but I think I aged the cloth before painting and then lightly again after, so I could get the aging on the colors just right and still have thoroughly aged cloth.
Cut and torn the cloth to fray the edges.

After that, I went on to fight an evil sect. But that's another story... ;-)
Figured I should go ahead and post here since I finished mine.

Trace your image, I used an old opaque projector called a Postoscope.

Paint your image

Cut out your shape, I used my band saw to cut it out and it shredded the edges perfectly.

Age appropriately. I used coffee and diluted acrylics, plus a heat gun. I could still go darker. Don't forget to fold into quarters for those screen accurate creases.
This might be a dumb question, but is it just cotton canvas you guys used for the cloth, or is it something different?

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