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    hey everybody,

    If you look at the Classic Galactica episode "Lost PLanet Of The Gods", you will see a scene in which Jolly and Boomer use a binolular (or perhaps MONocular) device when searching a small asteroid for signs of Cylons.

    The footage is dark, and the device is not featured prominently in any shot.

    Anybody recognize that thing? Got any ideas what it could have been built from?

    I'm just shootin' in the dark on this one. I welcome any input from those who care.

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    Buheler? Buheler?.....

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    anyone got a pic. :p

    john :cool

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    If memory serves if was a found object (like the wristwatches and leg boards).

    I'll dig through my archives, I think I have it written down.
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    That would be FREAKY cool of you.

    Thanks for whatever help. :)


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