Classic Doom Marine Bobblehead From RAGE


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Hello everyone,

Long time no see.

Hopefully somebody besides me remembers the Doom marine easter egg in id software's (underrated in my opinion) 2011 first person shooter RAGE. I recently replayed it and had a blast, I also remembered how much I loved the look of the classic doom slayer in bobblehead form, so i decided to make it in real life.

I've been meaning to do this project for years now but never followed through until now. I've been working with a very talented 3D artist to recreate, and eventually 3D print and paint this little beauty.

The modeling is basically complete at this point, I'm currently looking for springs that will work for the head before i get it printed. I'll be posting updates as the project nears completion.

Please enjoy and stayed tuned for updates!



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Oh, now that's awesome!

Love it!

Can't wait to see it finished. Brings back fond memories of playing multiplayer DOOM in high school with my buddies!

Several small improvements have been made to the model, Most of them probably unnoticeable unless your really looking for things to nit-pick... Which I was. The base, gloves, neck armor, breast-plate, back-plate, pouches, and shoulder pads have all been "fixed" to bring it about as close to 100% accurate as possible.

I had considered adding elbow pads like the original sprite had, but ultimately decided against it.

Its being printed as I'm writing this, So i will post pictures of how it turns out.



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