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OK Guy & Gals Im still not sure if a Clan Symbol will be approved or become offical yet, cause I dont have that kind of power to make that decision. But if there are no objections lets have a Clan Symbol contest. I think it would be fun.

So anyone with an Idea post it here.

well either way heres my entry, think you should maybe add a vote option after you've got all the entries.

glyph H and L for hunterslair. B)
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I was also wondering if this thread could get pinned or however you mark it (not sure of the terminology) so it stays at the top untill the contest is over.

prestige of designing the lairs clan symbol hehe.

may some small plaques or little badges shud be made in resin after a winner is chosen.
If the contest is approved, the bragging rites to have your design as the Lair's clan symbol If it's not approved oh well I would hope everyone had a good time competeing.

I like Usurper's idea quite a lot!! B)

Mine seems a bit too "human" by comparison. Maybe a little tweaking will spice it up a notch. BAM!!!! lol


Great Idea! I like all that I've seen this far! I'm a little partial to Usurper's design, elements of Fury's are cool as well....maybe an amalgamation! In any event I'd be honored to "mark" my gear with the
"Hunter's Lair" symbol, yet it begs the question.....

Should we all put it in a uniform spot? So that we can tell brethren when we see them.
Or should it be an individual thing? Like Yautja themselves.
Should we vote on this as well?

Just a thought.. :rolleyes:
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