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I appreciate all the info you provided, but you may have done it in error. The opening post states the specific purpose of this thread: to find locations where one can find quality/possible-rare hard-to-find kits that donate towards studio scale models. Your listing is more aimed at the cosplay community. Why don't you open a similar thread in the cosplay forum , but aimed at finding good locations for cosplay supplies and start it with your wealth of knowledge you spilled in your post.
Great post, now update your vary out dated info before you berate another well intentioned member.



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Piper Hobby in Chantilly, VA is out of business. The owner passed away and his friends managed to keep it going for awhile, but I guess they just couldn't make it work. Sad to see it go.

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Please add Bobe's Hobby House in Pensacola, FL to the list. I went there yesterday and was blow away, they had a huge selection of kits, paints, and everything else. I could have stayed for hours and not seen everything.


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I can't remember if I posted this question here or not. But, if anyone knows of any good European shops with vintage stuff, please let me know. Thanks!


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You should include Hobby Emporium in Tyngsboro, MA. (You could probably also include this in the NH list. I think the Mass./NH border actually runs through the store.)


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CRM Hobbies in St. Louis is now closed. The guy who owned it is still around, but he only sells on-line and at various model shows.


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In Sunny Dundas, Ontario, Canada...
Dundas Valley Hobbies
15 Cootes Drive
3 floors full of kits, paints, Evergreen & Plastruct plastics, K & S metal stock, scale landscaping products,...


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Main Line Hobbies at the Plymouth Meeting Mall in Plymouth Meeting Pennsylvania.
All the other good ones around me have closed, it's either that or the Hobby Hut in Eagleville.

EDIT - Sadly both of these stores have now closed. I'm stuck with Michael's and Hobby Lobby now :(
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Galaxy Hobby at Lynnwood, WA has now closed due to redevelopment. A great shame, used to go there alot when I lived there.
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You can delete:
Pittsburgh, AB Charles and Sons (per bdk,#19)
as it’s closed .

You can add Esther’s Hobby Shop, Millvalle, PA


SW Randall, Pittsburgh, PA which has a small section on the second floor.

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