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    Refer to the following post for a list of Hobby shops (by State and City).
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    I'm lucky enough to have friends in different cities and to get to occasionally travel for work, which allows me to hunt for more model kits in different towns at new (to me at least) hobby shops. I'm always eager to hit a new town in hopes that it may have a great shop to find some vintage kits that i've been looking for.

    I thought perhaps we could make a sticky thread to aid other travelers in search of kits?

    I realize that some people may not want to "give-up" their hunting spot in fear that their local kits being picked off. This may be true, but try to realize, there may be kits in your local haunt that you no longer want/need, but may "feed a weary traveler", lol. In the spirit of being a good neighbor, share what you know.

    I will collect each person's contributions, copy/paste it to the first post to aid in an easy to read/access page of these hunting spots. Just provide the State, City, Hobby Shop, and possibly a short note about what to expect? You can also provide a hot link to the store and that will be included (provide a FUNCTIONING link to the store, not to a google search of possible hits). I will also post the contributor's post number in this thread beside their name to read the full review of the store.

    Please do not post a Hobby Lobby or a Hobbytown USA (or any other national chain) -- anybody can do a two second search on google to find those and they are usually the same thing from town to town. In addition, note the the forum you are in. We're not interested posting hobby stores that focus on RC or trains or whatever -- this is about getting the resources for model scale kits and resources to construct and finish them.

    If you are lucky enough to get to try out one of the following spots in your travels, try to thank the poster for their info.

    -Phoenix, Hobby Bench (per morris99,#29)
    -Tempe, Hobby Depot (per morris99,#29)
    -Tucson, Hobby Place at Ace Hardware (per swhite228,#54)

    -Anaheim, Aardvark Clay (per MarkWLewis, #118)
    -Berkeley, Berkeley Ace Hardware (per darth_myeek,#10)
    -Burbank, Burbank House of Hobbies (per Lee S,#37)
    -Canoga Park, Scale Model Stuff (per Lear60man,#137)
    -Carmichael, Viking Hobby(per Rick H,#67)
    -Garden Grove, Brookhurst Hobbies (per PhArchivist,#84)
    -Garden Grove, JK Electronics (per MarkWLewis, #118)
    -La Mesa, Reed's Hobby Shop (per micdavis,#5)-best HS in SanDiego
    -Montclair, Pegasus Hobbies (per gobler, #147)
    -Placentia, Monsters in Motion (per BenCozine, #159)
    -San Carlos, J&M Hobby House (per Rick H,#67)
    -San Leandro, Hobbies Unlimited (per darth_myeek,#10)
    -Santa Barbara, California Hobbies (per drknotter,#72)
    -Santa Barbara, Dave's Hobby Central (per drknotter,#72)
    -Stanton, Pacific Sign Supply Company (per MarkWLewis, #118)
    -Studio City, Kit Kraft (per alan cross,#30) - best hobby shop ever
    -Walnut, Carpe Diem (per MarkWLewis, #118)

    -Colorado Springs, Compleat Games & Hobbies (per dcarty,#46)
    -Denver, Bonnie Brae Hobby Shop (per You Sir Nay Me,#120)
    -Denver, Caboose Hobbies (per dcarty,#46)
    -Denver, Colpar Hobbies (per dcarty,#46)
    -Denver, Reynolds Advanced Materials (per mydigitalvoid, #117)
    -Denver,Thompson's Hobbies and Crafts (per mydigitialvoid,#114)

    -Branford, Branford Hobbies (per Jccarlton,#106)
    -Manchester, The Time Machine (per jclinton,#74)

    -Miami, Micro Macro Mundo (per streetjudge79,#138)
    -Orlando, Colonial Photo Hobby (per Lee S,#37)
    -Pensacola, Bobe's Hobby House (per Ranger Daryl,#163)
    -St. Petersburg, Model Citizen Hobbies (per dinomike,#56,#155)

    -Aiea, Hobby Company (per twistedxknights,#24)
    -Kailua, Weller hobby craft (per twistedxknights,#24)
    -Kalihi, Arm Chair Adventurer (per twistedxknights,#24)

    -Chicago, Forever Timeless Hobby Shop (per qcfoundry)
    -Chicago, Ram Train & Hobby Shop (per qcfoundry)

    -Indianapolis, Big Boy Hobbies (per Double T, #87)
    -Muncie, Toys Forever Models and Hobbies (per Double T, #87)
    -Valparaiso, Valparaiso Pet & Hobby (per qcfoundry)

    -Davenport, Major Art & Hobby (per PoopaPapaPalps, #141)

    -Corbin, Leisure Time Hobbies (per qcfoundry)
    -Louisville, South Louisville Antique & Toy Mall (per qcfoundry) - plenty of vintage

    -Metairie, Hub Hobby (per EasternBloc, #165)

    -Malboro, Spare Time Hobbies (per vismus,#164)
    -Norton, Harry's Hobbies (per Paulbo,#55)

    -Fraser, P&D Hobby Shop (per DarkCreations, #110)
    -Owosso, Dean's Hobby Stop (per emojo5, #132)
    -Royal Oak, Michigan Toy Soldiers & Historical Miniatures (per Amish Trooper,#33)
    -St. Clair Shores, Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy (per DarkCreations, #110)
    -Sterling Heights, Great Lakes Hobby (per DarkCreations, #110)
    -Warren, Prop Shop Hobbies (per DarkCreations, #110)

    -Minneapolis/St.Paul, Hub Hobby Center (per ssdesigner,#32)

    -St.Charles, Mark Twain Hobby (per tgreco,#15)
    -St.Louis, CRM hobbies (per tgreco,#15)

    -LaVista, Hobbytown USA (per JMChladek,#36)
    -Omaha, Hobbytown USA (per JMChladek,#36)

    -Wolfeboro, Clickety Clack Model Train and Hobby Shop (per caymen shen,#18)

    -Magnolia, AAA Hobbies (per Jkirkon,#156)
    -Red Bank, Hobbymasters Hobby Store (per jonny5,#13)
    -Ridgefield, Ridgefield Hobbies (per emojo5, #131)

    -Astoria, Rudy's Hobby & Art (per Feraud,#35)
    -Bayshore, Bayshore Hobbies (per Creative Models, #119)
    -Bronx, Bruckner Hobbies (per Rider Kabuto,#38)
    -Buffalo, Fields Hobby (per Rider Kabuto,#38)
    -Buffalo, Niagara Hobby & Craft Mart (per Rider Kabuto,#38)
    -Mineola, Willis Hobbies (per Feraud,#35)
    -Mount Vernon, The Hobby Store (per Rider Kabuto,#38)
    -Rochester, Dan's Crafts & Things (per konar,#82)
    -Staten Island, Brownie's Hobby Shop (per fatgeek,#115)

    -Fayetteville, Hayes Hobby House (per mec011, #140)
    -Fuquay-Varina, ToyTown Hobby Shop (per fuelish,#3)

    -Cincinnati, Don's Hobby & Bike Shop (per qcfoundry)-small selection, but vintage stuff
    -Columbus, Hobbyland/Graceland (per qcfoundry)-only new kits, but lots wide selection of other supplies
    -Kettering, Smitty's Hobby Shop (per Chrgr44oRT,#128)
    -Lancaster, Smoke Stack Hobbies (per jasonw2112,#16) - large selection of models & plenty oldies
    -Medina, Family Hobby (per Tantooine_Todd,#81)

    -Owasso, Top Shelf Models (per HIGHWAYMAN9674,#144)

    -Beaverton, Tammie's Hobbies (per br12819,#22)

    -Indiana, Whirlwind Toys and Hobbies (per the bdk,#19) - large shop huge selection & occasionally gets older collections
    -Cranberry Twp, Hobby Express (per the bdk,#19) another large well stocked store but mainly newer kits.
    -Doylestown, Herb's Hobbies and Crafts (per blakeh1,#51) - huge warehouse, tons of models
    -Dubois, Fishels (per bdk,#19) - there are some older kits and lots of odd things
    -Easton, Trains & Lanes Hobbies (per blakeh1,#51) - huge warehouse, tons of models
    -Pittsburgh, AB Charles and Sons (per bdk,#19)

    -Warwick, Apponaug Color & Hobby Shop (per Ricktor,#142)

    -Cayce, New Brookland Railroad and Hobby (per thunderbolt47d, #124)

    -Memphis, Mid-South Hobbies (per qcfoundry) - huge selection, lots of rare/vintage

    -Austin, King's Hobby Shop (per Engelnicht, #75)
    -Bastrop, BigDog Hobbies (per AnimatedPanda, #85)

    -Salt Lake City, MRS Hobbies, (per philp, #146)
    -Salt Lake City, West Valley Hobbies, (per philp, #146)

    -Barre, Coins & Hobbies (per gunnerk19, #116)

    -Chantilly, Hobby Hangar (per EKF5, #130)
    -Newport News, Denbigh Hobby Center (per rbeach84, #143)

    -Lynnwood, Galaxy Hobby (per wookiefood,#50 & #60) - best store ever visited
    -Seattle, Skyway Model Shop (per DeanB,#128)

    -Greenfield, Greenfield News & Hobby (per xl97,#61)
    -Madison, Hobby Horse (per wookiefood,#49)
    -Madison, The Last Square (per wookiefood,#49)
    -Madison, Madison Hobby Stop (per wookiefood,#49)

    -Newcastle, New South Wales, Frontline Hobbies (per Noumcea,#101)
    -Newcastle, New South Wales, Hobbyco (per Noumcea,#101)

    -British Columbia,Burnaby, Burnaby Hobbies (per Thestig604,#122)
    -British Columbia,Richmond, Imperial Hobbies, Vancouver's premier source of hobby, gaming and role-playing games (RPG) for over 20 years. (per altername,#65)
    -British Columbia,Vancouver, Central Hobbies (per PeteVenkman,#68)
    -British Columbia,Vancouver, Magic Box Hobbies (per altername,#65)
    -Ontario,Mississauga, Panther Hobbies, (per Dart, #145)
    -Ontario,Oakville, Carefree Hobbies (per CJS,#69)
    -Ontario,Ottawa, Hobby House Ltd (per Eric Ardros,#71)
    -Ontario,Toronto, Hornet Hobbies (per crackerjazz,#39)
    -Ontario,Toronto, John's Hobbies (per crackerjazz,#39)
    -Ontario,Toronto, Wheels & Wings Hobbies (per crackerjazz,#39)
    -Quebec,Laval, Sial (per Gorgot3000,#80)
    -Quebec,Montreal, Udisco (per Bigturc,#151)

    -Athens, Fasma Models (per Teddz, #133)
    -Athens, Kalfakis models (per Teddz, #133)
    -Athens, Plastimodelismo (per Teddz, #133)

    -(per FlyingDachshund,#69)

    -Carl Berners Plass, Amundsen Hobby (per TheTimeRanger #148)
    -Ensjø, Small Size Hobby (per TheTimeRanger #148)

    -Hampshire,Portsmouth, Fratton Model Centre (per FoxhoundTCF,#96)
    -Hampshire,Portsmouth, Southsea Models (per FoxhoundTCF,#96)
    -South Yorkshire,Sheffield, Marcways (per Sidewinder,#111)

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    Toy Town Hobby Shop
    This is, I believe, the only hobby shop left in the Raleigh NC area. They are in Fuquay Varina, south of Raleigh, about twenty minutes from downtown Raleigh.
  4. qcfoundry

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    I should have been clear in my first post:
    only recommend hobby shops that you think others would genuinely find a good/great place to shop. I'm hoping nobody denotes any hobby lobbies or hobbytowns in their community.
  5. micdavis

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  6. Wes R

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    Sadly there isn't one under 45 minutes from me and most of them only carry miniature gaming stuff anymore. We had one 15 minutes away but he didn't last long and the other 2 good ones are in Youngstown.
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    Anyone know any in Miami? Doubt there is any down here..
  8. qcfoundry

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    The hobby shop you reco' doesn't have to be NEAR you...only that you have visited it. Personally, I have very little nearby but I make it a point to try to spare a little extra time in my travels to go a few miles out of my way to visit a hobby shop.
  9. qcfoundry

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    The reason I started this thread -- I am going to Chicago in a couple weeks and was wondering if anybody could recommend any(more) shops in that area?
  10. darth_myeek

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    Cool Idea, and don't die. You are the only one who can update this thread.

    Hobbies Unlimited (near Oakland)
    937 Manor Boulevard - San Leandro‎ CA‎ 94579

    Berkeley Ace Hardware (Basement, seriously.)
    2145 University Ave - Berkeley, CA 94704
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    Actually, I've got some sites that I'm working on that are cataloging hobby shops, comic shops, and gaming shops in Indiana and have a few in SoCal as well.

    I'm working on getting them up and running again because they're kind of broken right now, but the sites are:
    Geeking In Indiana | Stores, shops, shindigs and more
    Geeking in Southern California | Stores, shops, shindigs and more

    Please, be gentle. Oh, and I also have Google Maps attached to both with shops listed.

    Just thought this would be relevant to this thread. The sites will be going down in a week or so, but should be back up and being updated by the end of January.

  12. qcfoundry

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    personally loving the indiana one because i'm in kentucky.
    seems only the front page is up (all links = dead).
    not sure i'll copy any of the info directly -- kinda like the idea of straight recommendations from each individual here (no offense).
    will be checking to see when the site is back up -- thx.
  13. jonny5

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    New Jersey:
    -Red Bank 62 White St. Hobbymasters

    Website is crap their local cable commercials are laughable, and the 1st floor is R/C cars, kites and gaming crap... but Upstairs!
    You will find all scales of trains and decent size selection of plastic model kits.

    It is probably not the greatest shop into which you will ever set foot, but its the best thing central Jersey has going on.

    Tell 'em Jon sent you, and get a FREE confused look.

    Also, if you are into comics and the films of Kevin Smith, Red Bank is home to a place called Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash which is near the intersection of White St. and Broad.
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    Very cool thread.
  15. tgreco

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    Mark Twain Hobby St. Charles Mo

    CRM hobbies
    5101 Eichelberger Street St. Louis, MO
    (no website)
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    There is a great hobby store called Smoke Stack Hobbies, located in Lancaster, Ohio.

    This place has everything! It's a small shop crammed with model's! I bought some re-released Rat Fink kits a little ways back, that came out in the 90's?

    He is constantly buying older kits as well, and sells them at a good price. The last time I visited, he was putting out a bunch of older ship model kits.

    I've been to many hobby stores, but he has the biggest selection of models I have ever seen! Not to mention the models he has stacked in the back of the store, out of sight!
  17. ShowCraft

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    You doubt correctly.
    Such a large population and no hobby store - what does that say :confused

    Head up to Fort Lauderdale where theres still two decent stores - Warricks Hobby and R.C. Hobby both have lots of plastic kits and full stock of Plastruct and Evergreen. Both stores are on University Drive.

    Might also try Discount Train & Hobby. This place sometimes gets in bunches of vintage kits from estate sales.
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  18. cayman shen

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    Wolfeboro, NH: Clickety Clack Model Train and Hobby Shop. Here in the big city :lol
  19. The BDK


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    Great thread!

    Heres a short list, later I'll try to get some more as I remember them:

    Indiana PA: Whirlwind Toys and Hobbies, large shop huge selection and occasionally gets older collections someone brings in to sell.

    Cranberry Twp PA: Hobby Express, another large well stocked store but mainly newer kits.

    Dubois PA: Fishels, old school shop full stuff. There are some older kits and lots of odd things, old pewter star wars and star trek for example floating around.

    Pittsburgh PA: South Hills area, AB Charles and Sons, huge 2 story shop.
  20. qcfoundry

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    visited Pittsburgh once to meet M.Fitchenmeyer (sp?) and go to one of his hobby meets - sheesh, probably 6-8 years ago. visited a shop there, but can't remember the name..pretty sure it wasn AB Charles (mine was an older one-story shop). shop was on a street that was on a hill and the store had tons of roco. i wasn't into SS modeling yet and had no idea that these little tanks would play a part in my future collecting...but was def'ly in awe of their assortment. store overall seemed nice too.
  21. The BDK


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    That would have been AB, it was only maybe 2-3 years ago they moved into this new building, old one was supposed to be demolished for the car lot to expand that was nearby but last time I was past it hadn't happened yet.
  22. BR12819

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  23. Boogeyman13

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    Whereabouts in Chicago are you going to be: suburbs, downtown, Northside, Southside? Are you looking for straight hobby shops, or comic shops too?
  24. twistedxknights

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    Since your doing a list i figured i wold chime in for Hawaii.. though its been awhile since i have been to a few of these places its still good to know that they are there for your paint and various other prop making needs..


    Kakaako: Other Realms

    Other realms is a Comic book shop with a nice selection of roleplaying supplies

    Kalihi : Arm Chair Adventurer

    Arm Chair Adventurer is a gaming shop with a large selection of military model kits and a good selection of miniatures . they also cary tamiya , valejo , reaper paints, and a few more then i can recall right now.

    Aiea :

    Hobby Company

    Hobby company is a long time hobby shop that recently moved and downsized they are owned by the same company that operates Honolulu Craft Supply they use to have a large selection of model kits .

    Jelly's Books and music

    jelly's is a long time retailer of books , music , comics , and roleplaying games they carry a big selection of warhammer and wh40k along with the citadel paints..

    Pearl City : Sandy Flemings Fast electrics

    Is mainly a Remote control car shop though the shop does also sell model trains

    Kailua: Weller hobby craft

    Weller hobby craft has a big seletion of model kits ( thought its been a few years sincei have visited the shop) and various supplies.
  25. qcfoundry

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    we'll be staying with friends in Northbrook, however don't let that limit ya. I've been all over the town. Just give me what you like/know and let me see if I can swing the distance. Thx, btw.
  26. qcfoundry

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    I may have not made my self super clear.
    We are looking for hobby shops that sell model kits....not looking for RC models, role-playing materials, trains, etc. This list is calling out hobby shops where one can a good supply of kits or supplies for kits (eg, paints, glues, ABS, etc).

    would be happy to add some hobby shops of that nature -- but I need you to amend your list for the appropriate stores. thx.
  27. Double T

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    And this is where the "kind of broken" comes into play. :)

    It should be back up by the end of the month. I've got to tear them down and build them again from scratch. :(

    But here is a link to the Google Map I'm trying to build of places I need to hit, for your reference.

    Not much by Kentucky, since I'm based out of Indianapolis, but if I find any specific hobby stores, I'll definitely put them in this thread. :)

  28. qcfoundry

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    **sort of a bump**
    still looking if anybody has reco's for chicagoland (going up this coming weekend).
  29. morrris99

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    Tempe, Arizona. Hobby Depot. 216 West Southern Ave. Lots of kits, armor, sci fi, planes, cars of all ages. He sells consignments, also. I picked up a Monogram Voyager 2 years ago for $40. Rockets, slot cars, trains.

    Phoenix, Arizona. Hobby Bench (2 locations). 8058 N 19th ave (NE corner 19th and Northern) and 4240 west Bell road (NW corner 43rd and Bell) Airplane kits, some armor at both. Sci fi and cars also. Trains, rockets, slot cars.
  30. Alan Cross

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    Kit Kraft in Studio City, CA -- best hobby shop EVER.

    I can even back up that bold statement with a couple of quick anecdotes:

    They used to have a guy that worked there at the counter. He also painted these elaborate build ups of their SF hobby kits. He eventually left to work for Sideshow Collectibles as their head of creative development: His name is Tom Gilliland

    Last year, I walked in to Kit Kraft and asked the clerk if he could recommend the right silver color for my Polar Lights C-57D, "Forbidden Planet" space cruiser kit." A guy steps up from a corner and introduces himself: "Hi, I OWN the original C-57D Forbidden Planet space cruiser... how can I help you?"

    Best hobby shop EVER.
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  31. qcfoundry

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    upcoming trip for me to Portland Maine, starting in Boston. Anybody have any shops in those neighborhoods or along the path? thx
  32. ssdesigner

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  33. Amish Trooper

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  34. qcfoundry

    qcfoundry Sr Member

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  35. Feraud

    Feraud Sr Member

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  36. JMChladek

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    I'll put in a plug for two:

    Hobbytown USA, LaVista, NE: Not at all like other Hobbytowns as it is VERY well stocked with plastic for good prices. In fact the plastic selection has expanded a little over the past two or three years as it is their primary business. Paint and tool selection is also very good to excellent.

    Hobbytown USA, Omaha, NE: Same franchise owner as LaVista. This one caters more to RC (since it has indoor on road AND off road tracks), but it is a BIG store with a decent plastic selection as well for good prices. The tool and paint selection is also excellent.

    I would say if you are only into plastic, LaVista is the better stop (it is a suburb of Omaha). But both shops certainly don't stick to the status quo of what Hobbytown USAs are perceived to be.
  37. Lee S

    Lee S Sr Member

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    Burbank house of hobbies, in (of course) Burbank, CA very good, always helpful, small but well stocked.

    Colonial Photo Hobby in Orlando, Florida. Large, well stocked, but full retail price on everything.
  38. Rider Kabuto

    Rider Kabuto New Member

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  39. crackerjazz

    crackerjazz Sr Member

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  40. qcfoundry

    qcfoundry Sr Member

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    I'm looking at you -- suspect.
    I only go to Hobbytown for supplies (paint, welder, etc) -- NEVER kits. I understand they are brick-n-mortar and have to cover their costs, but they are still quite high -- and don't get me started on kit costs at Hobby Lobby.
    I will admit, my Lexington store is fairly helpful though -- both with finding stuff as well as advice of the HOW-TO type.
  41. qcfoundry

    qcfoundry Sr Member

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    Appreciate the bump Montagar....and appreciate the participation from everyone who's chipped in.
  42. Ray22

    Ray22 Sr Member

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    Bruckner sucks they never have any of the basic stuff like paint and their model kits are so over priced and the guy that runs the place acts like your bothering him when you ask for help.:thumbsdown
  43. Rider Kabuto

    Rider Kabuto New Member

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    I don't know they were pretty helpful to me when I was getting started in r/c, this was some time ago when they were at the old location. Things could change though. Where do you get your stuff from Ray?
  44. tgreco

    tgreco Sr Member

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    why isn't this thread a sticky?
  45. qcfoundry

    qcfoundry Sr Member

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    I second that, but I'm biased.
    I travel plenty and feel its valuable...but perhaps that isn't the norm for everyone else -- hence not "universally" interesting to the masses?
  46. dcarty

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    Whenever I visit anywhere the three things I scope out are: Hobby Shop, Comic Shop, and music store.

    Denver, Colorado:

    Caboose Hobbies--amazing for Train hobbyists but they also have a lot of great supply options you don't see too often and if you're looking for those oddball train colors to paint your Fett helmet or Studio Scale kit this is THE place.
    Colpar Hobbies--all around GREAT model shop. I do a lot of WWI Aero and this is one of the few places that stocks more than the old Revell Fokker Triplane. Great for reference materials and after-market detail supplies.

    Colorado Springs:

    Compleat Games & Hobbies (they buy and sell vintage kits)
    HobbyTown -- we have two and they are usually very well stocked with supplies and reference materials. I don't often buy kits there these days but I used to be a fixture there.
    Hobby Lobby -- yeah, not the greatest but the ones here have a decent selection and occasionally have interesting close-out deals. They frequently have 40% Off sales as well and I've scored a few bargains that way.
  47. Montagar

    Montagar Legendary Member Community Staff

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    Because I hadn't gotten to that item on my list yet. :lol
  48. qcfoundry

    qcfoundry Sr Member

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    LOL -- i respect the list.
    I live by making lists (crap memory).
  49. wookieefood

    wookieefood New Member

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    Madison, WI

    Madison Hobby Stop [link]

    These guys cater primarily to the train crowd, but have a very good selection of plastic kits and hobby supplies. Every time I go in there, they seem to have the hottest new items from various manufacturers.

    The Last Square [link]

    This is a family owned game / hobby store. Their primary focus is on gaming, Warhammer, FoW, Star Wars,, but do have a quirky selection of sci fi and higher end plastic kits: lots of Eduard, and rare Hasegawa kits.

    Hobby Horse [link]

    This is the other train store in town. Lots of trains, lots of RC, and a small, but nice, selection of kits.
  50. wookieefood

    wookieefood New Member

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    Lynnwood, WA

    Galaxy Hobby. [link]

    Hands down, the best hobby store that I have ever been to. They have a wall that is about 100 feet long and 7 feet tall stocked floor to ceiling with kits from almost every manufacturer. They also have entire sections of Fine Molds kits, sci fi fantasy kits, ships, and armor, along with RC. I dropped about $600 in there when I was in Seattle for a conference, and I cannot wait to go back there some day.

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