Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne Sculpt

Discussion in 'Sculpture and Makeup Effects' started by Hudson82, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. Hudson82

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    ItÂ’s been awhile since IÂ’ve had a chance to really work on this project, but spring brake has past and things have really developed on this sculpt. For those that donÂ’t remember or know this is my Third sculpture and first attempt :) sculpting a likeness or human for that matter. My original intent was to sculpt a head of Christian Bale to then sculpt a Beings cowl on top which I still intend on doing, but at the last minute I decided since IÂ’m this far I might as well add ears so that I complete the overall likeness this is the latest since then. Skin detailing has begun and is all by hand taken forever a wonderful learning experience. Once the detailing is done Ill need to figure out the best position for his neck and shoulders are so I can add them. IÂ’ll try to get more pics up as soon as I can get better lighting.

    For those that notice the mole over his left eye has been removed for the time being so I can add skin detail :)

    Thanks for looking,



    OLD pic to show whatÂ’s been done since the last time.

    EDIT sorry my host is down the old pic wont be up for a while, but i reuploaded the new one.
  2. Scarecrow

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    The face looks slightly longer and thinner than it should be, but I assume that's because you're putting a mask over it?
  3. Anheuser

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    I see the resemblance. Great start, looking good.
  4. hydin

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    its looking great so far. im not sure that the face is too long, it may be the lack of detail as far as neck/shoulders to back it up that makes it look that way.

    itll either be a good bale, or one hell of a lex luthor ;)

  5. blufive

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    You're getting there. It's looking good.

  6. trooperprop

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    This is a real piece of art. Great job..

    Could you tell me with what kind of clay
    you are working? Will it harden?

    I sculpt also myself but have trouble with finding the perfect clay.

    Again great work

    :thumbsup :thumbsup

    greetings from the Netherlands,

  7. Hudson82

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    Thanks for the kind words. Ive put a lot of work into this and it really pays off to here kind things about it. As for the clay used it Chavant NSP medium it will have to be molded once im done.

    Thanks agian for looking,

  8. fettster

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    great resemblance.

    the nose is spot on.
  9. lesternessman

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    yeah that is nice, definitely got something there...
  10. brin

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    I'm just gonna follow you around to all the forums and tell you how great this is looking.
    Great job bro.
  11. Too Much Garlic

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    Am I the only one who can't see the pictures? All I get is the text that says "User posted image".

    Would love to see this sculpt.
  12. Draven

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    I don't see them either - Just the dreaded red cross.

  13. Hudson82

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    Sorry my web host is down seems to go down when ever I wont to use the service I pay for. I reuploaded it to photobucket.

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