Chiss fighter progress - all wings on!

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I wasn't going to post anything before because I was trying to finish this for the Starship Modeler Star Wars contest, which I obviously didn't make... Anyway here's my 1/48 Chiss fighter with the tail attached and complete (although you can't see the detail, the sheet between the tail sections is corrugated). I attached two wings because I figured it might be easier to fill the seams around the bottom of the wing by doing one side at a time.

New pics.

I took this one at a similar angle to this illustration: so you could see if I got it right.

Here's a head on shot, I'm not adding the cockpit details until I paint. You can also see what I came up with for the wing supports on the insides of the wing. Other than those forward supports, the other wing support detail is identical to the outer wing.

Here's detail I added at the rear of the "tail". I figured it's exhaust pipes or something. There's scribed detail around the tubing, but it's washed out in the pic. I'm also thinking about adding some kind of detail on each side of the "tail," though I haven't come up with anything that looks good yet.

And a blurry pic, sorry.


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Let the drooling begin...

Closest I've done is a Lego version. Maybe I'll post pics, but not if you finish yours first...

Good job so far.


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That looks awesome, Jason. I can't wait to see it all painted and finished. I remember when you started this waaaaay back. :)