Chirurgeon backpack


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Hi, first real post, so unsure if this post is irregular or whatever, if its not cool let me know or remove it and tell me why, Ta

Im looking to do a Steampunky Mad scientist version of the attatched models backpack, im considering using those adjustable lights with the spring swivel arms as the arms unless anyone has any better ideas, I could probably custom make them out of box section and springs but wonder if the effort will be worth it.
Anyhoo I'll put up some W.I.P. if anyone is interested,
The problem with desk lamp arms is, they look like desk lamp arms.

Even if you glue junk to them people can still see what they are. Up to you how crazy you want to get custom making something instead though.
see now, thats the issue here. ho hum, custom job and hours fiddling it is then.
P.S. during my google-fu-ing i bimbled onto your page. usefully collected ta. :)
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