Chinese Batman Cosplay suit review


I recently purchased a vinyl Batman Begins suit from Duokings, which I imagine is pretty similar to the one from CosplaySky, but I can't say 100% that all Chinese sewing shops are the same, so caveat emptor. I was looking for a begins suit that was easy to get in and out of and had better mobility for children's parties and charity events. I think it will fit the bill. Even with "custom sizing" it is a bit loose and it is quilted like a pair of hunter's coveralls. It'll probably be crazy warm in Summer. This also makes it a bit puffy in places. It's a tad baggy in the midsection and the knees are a little off center (I may just cover them with rubber knee pads). Overall, I am pleased with the main body suit.

The accessories are ANOTHER STORY: It included a child's plastic batman fascia as a mask ( I wasn't expecting much there, I'll purchase a $200 cowl elsewhere). The gauntlets are comically proportioned. They could fit around my calves or biceps. The belt looks like a combination of a wrestling belt and something a 3 year old with the vaguest notion of a Dark Knight utility belt might draw. The gloves are typical shiny vinyl costume gloves. The only redeeming accessory is the cape, which is a heavy gauge polyester with a nylon lining. The only problems with the cape are a tie closure and a lack of pockets for rods across the top. I might sell the cape to recoup some expense.

It doesn't look as good as a UD Replicas, but at 1/8 the price it will suffice for what I wanted it for. I dunno if I'd drag it out around other cosplayers.

Pics posted below
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