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Hi all im sure this had been asked before but what is the most common base bowcaster to use? Ive seen the horton safari used before. Whats a good price for one of these? Also was the orginal bow used? I know the original cross bow is rare and hard to find.
Is this the horton most people use?


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Well I guess it's a good thing since I bought it! I built one before using a Horton frame but I had to do extensive modification to that particular frame this one won't require as much.
Yeah good job on that pickup. That's a great price. This is the closest real world crossbow to the one used as the base for Chewey's blaster.
The real base was a pretty much unobtainable unit built by Horton, but unbranded, and sold to a crossbow optic company for use as static demo crossbows to showcase the optics at tradeshows. Those demo units were aluminum as opposed to whatever material (fiberglass?) was used on Horton's commercial models.
The aluminum demo models were based on a Horton design which was/became the recurve version of the Horton Safari Magnum, just fyi
I believe a couple members secured the real thing but it was not easy or cheap.

Congrats on the snag.

Portumac is a great source for bowcaster parts along with a few others.

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