cheap fiber optic source


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Hey everyone!
I work at Target here in Dayton, Ohio, and we have started carrying an item that would work well for lighting up a model. It is a small plastic cone base with a bundle of fiber optic strands mounted in the base and they fan out like a willow tree. There must be a hundred strands, all lit form inside the base by 4 LED's. The strands are 10-12 inches long and the unit is powered by a small adapter.
All this for only $7.99! They come in silver, red and blue. The blue is perfect for spaceship lighting. They are on a back end cap in section 'C', over by the lamps.
Cheap and useful- love that Target. Just a quick heads up.


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Gone but not forgotten.
Hey, another Ohio man trapped
in this godawful State !!! LOL...

I have a Target a few block's
from me, I'm curious though ?
When you say in differnet color's, do you
mean the DISPLAY'S are different or the led's
are differnet ? And since there are three
color's, are they EACH three color's?

Or is each one ONLY one color and you need
to get all three for the different color's ??

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