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Chappie Scout Diagnostic Set


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My win from "Chappie" cant wait to get this baby displayed :)
So far I have discovered three animated schematics
20150402_172951.jpg 20150402_172938.jpg 20150402_172742.jpg


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They are flash files that react to touch if you click the proper buttons. so far I have found 3 animated schematics in total. Seems that the thing is running on some sorta android platform. im certainly pleased with the win, seems to be one of the more interesting and unanticipated auction lots to come through.. There is one more that was posted early on in the auction but got pulled because it was listed as the only one and they clearly had two.. I'm sure it will be re-listed HOWEVER it was an empty shell with no electronic components (see link).


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Hey there, been lurking on the chappie threads for a while and i think i found some thing to contribute. i believe i have found the original item used for this diagnostic tool prop.
Was scanning through the harbor freight flyer and saw the
AUTEL® MaxiDAS vehicle diagnostic computer and immediately recognized it as the prop. hope this helps anyone wanting to build there own.​


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Great Find-

I hadn't realized the item was a pre-exsisting piece. the Tetravaal device I own is a fiber glass casting and modified to look functioning so i hadnt even questioned whether it was based off an exsisting item
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