Chappie 1:1 scale head replica


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Hi guys,

I'm new on this forum.
I have posted this in the Chappie discussion as well, but I thought I would make a new thread so I can
update and show the progress on my 1:1 scale Chappie head.

I'm currently busy with modeling his head in 3D:

Chappie modelling 1.JPG Chappie modelling 2.JPG

This is a work in progress, so nothing is realy final yet.
Only the top lid of his head, which I have already 3D printed and I am currently filling and sanding it.
I will show pictures here as I go along with the modeling and build process to keep you guys updated.
If you have any suggestions or comments I would like to hear them so I can get my build as accurate as possible,
because I might miss something.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask me.


Mike J.

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I took a look through my references, and it looks like there's a small 'lip' where the top of the head meets the 'eye box.'

I'm very impressed by your attention to detail – I never noticed that triangular indentation on the side of the eyes before.

I hope these pics help :) It's hard to find good pics of the head without the 'eyebrow bar.'



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Thanx a lot for these amazing reference images, I can definitely use these for perfecting my model further!
I will post more pictures of my 3D model and printed parts as soon as possible.


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so you can 3d model but you take a photo of the screen.

i can take a screen cap but cant 3d model :p

nice work on the head :thumbsup



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I can take a screen cap :), but I was working on a different computer (work) that does not have screencap software, and I cannot install it there.
Here's some more progress done:
2015-06-19 17_05_52-Solid Edge ST5 - Assembly - [Chappie V02.asm].jpg


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I have started 3D printing the parts that will not need more changes.
And started filling and sanding them to get a smooth surface and getting rid of the 3d printed layers.
Here are the parts so far inside my home-build spray cabin:


Top of his head (lid)
Eye bar and right side bolt for the eyebar. (needs some repair filling and sanding still)
Side head cover - I will mould and cast this one to copy for both sides. (Saves me a lot of filling and sanding)

More parts will be coming off my printer and I will keep filling and sanding them.
If anyone would like a copy of the parts I can mould them and make resin casts.
Please let me know if you are interested in building a Chappie yourself, of course we will need to negotiate a price
for the parts and shipping.



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I'm liking this very much. just watched the film last week and thought it was wonderful. looking foreword to more on this....:thumbsup


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Thank you all very much for your kind words!
For everyone who is wondering; this is going to be a just a display piece.
Because of the accuracy to the real one, there will be no room to stick your head in.

All parts will be made separate and there is room and possibility to animate him using
servo's and arduino board(s) in the future. his eyebrows, ears and mouth have enough
space next to them to add servo's. This is not something I will do on this build.

Pieces are gradually coming off the 3D printer, I have finished modeling his ears, just a couple
of things left to draw:

2015-06-21 17_17_42-Solid Edge ST5 - Assembly - [Chappie V02.asm].jpg

- Thingie for screw on his eye block.
- The tube from his mouth bar back.
- The back of his head (with all the parts and pieces).
- His camera pod underneath his chin.
-The couplings for the tubes on the sides of his neck.


I'm printing the parts in PLA at 0,1mm resolution in Z and this works fine, just a little sanding required and some spray-filling.
Currently the big part on the right side of his head is printing, this is a ~ 6 hour print.
And of course I need the absolute accurate paint color.

If anyone has an idea on what RAL color to use?
And is this paint metallic paint or not? what's your opinion?


Mike J.

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Here are some ears, for reference.

I think the color is metallic, though I'm not sure what to call it. To me, it looks somewhere between royal blue and navy blue, and gray.



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Mike, thanks again for the amazing reference images.!
It looks a little like Hammerite paint what's on there.. but I don't think that comes in that exact color.
Or I will need to mix it.

The color looks like RAL 5000 / 5001 but that is hard to see via a monitor.
I will need to do some shopping and see it with my own eyes what colors are available and match him.
There has been a lot of debate on costume/prop colors as in movies it sometimes is really hard to tell,
some scenes are by daylight others at night, a lot of filtering is done on the camera's and in the final footage.

I have a lot of reference images from the movie, but I don't think he is exactly the same
color in any of the scenes, so in the end it is all on; if the color feels right I guess?



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Hi, here's an update again,

I'm almost finished with modeling the 3D model, last part is only the stuff on the back of his head.
The ears were a real pain in the ass, I modeled them and after printing them I realized they were a bit small.
After constantly superimposing my 3D model over a screen shot of the movie, I finally got
the dimensions right and they only need some minor tweaking :

2015-06-28 14_11_11-Solid Edge ST5 - Assembly - [Chappie V02.asm].jpg

More pieces came off my printer and I'm well on my way with filling and sanding them.
Yes, the ear in the picture is the one that was too small:
IMG_0296 (2).jpg
I have gathered some sample colors from the local hardware store, and I will keep looking
to find the right color. So far I have not fount the absolute winner yet.

Color reference.jpg


I've just seen Chappie and wow this looks like a great project.
When you have done the head, are you going to follow up with the rest of him?
I would realy like to see that
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