Limited Run Ceramic Geisha mask sculpture from Blade Runner.


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Stop it, you! :p
Yes, defo interested, also pending price!

Approx how tall do you think the complete piece will be?


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Very interested! My Asian man is going under the Christmas tree (for me), so geisha mask can be my birthday present. Asian man was so high quality, really looking forward to geisha.



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I found the 8mm clear acrylic rods and some beautiful Iroko hardwood for the bases so my prototype is complete.
The plaster mould is also now dried sufficiently so I will be pulling my first ceramic cast this weekend. Wish me luck.

Completed Prototype; remember the production masks will be white.
2022-11-11 14.24.03.jpg
2022-11-11 14.24.13.jpg
2022-11-11 14.24.27.jpg

and some Blade Runner items for scale and context;
2022-11-11 14.29.29.jpg
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First glaze test came out better than I could have hoped (especially since I did about 20 tests on my last project). This white glaze is very thick so has filled in slightly on the mouth and eyes but now I know I can trim and fettle those areas. It's a Zircon glaze which is quite stiff where I would usually use a Tin glaze which is a much softer mineral and flows more. The colour is great too and no crackle or thinnning.

2022-11-29 08.51.07.jpg

Time to start making these in earnest I think. First 'production' pour this afternoon and price announcement by the end of the week.
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OK, I have worked out my costs and outgoings for this project, right down to the last sticky label, and the final details are coming out as follows;

Pack contents offered;
1x hand cast ceramic Geisha mask with ceramic post-mounting-block on the reverse.
1x Iroko wood display base, 115 x 115 x 38mm, drilled and 'Danish-oiled' with soft blue felt bottom.
1x 10mm x 250mm clear acrylic rod mounting post.
All packaging materials (with the exception of brown packing tape) will be biodegradable and recyclable including the bubblewrap.

: £75.00 per item, delivered.
EU : £85.00 per item, delivered.
Rest of the world : £95.00 per item, delivered.

I have greatly simplified the postage & packing charges for this run because on the previous run postage costs became a bit too complicated for me to manage. With ceramics the weight of each piece varies slightly and the price quoted by the post office online calculator doesn't always match the price they charge when you put it on the scales at the PO counter so I am averaging out the costs across the run. This means some may pay a pound over and some may pay a pound under but there will be no delays at my end while I calculate and quote individual postal costs back and forth with customers.

All orders for sculptures will be handled using Paypal and completed orders will be sent to the customer's Paypal registered address. All orders will be sent from the UK by Royal Mail tracked service with tracking numbers supplied. To help the buyer I will mark all overseas orders as 'gift' on the customs declaration with a declared value of £10.00 to help reduce charges at your end (but I make no claims or promises about any charges you may get - after I post an item it's out of my hands).

Remember the price not only covers the raw materials for the ceramic, acrylic and wood componenets in these sculptures but also two overnight firings in an electric kiln plus my time in casting, drilling, trimming and glazing every piece by hand as well as cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubblewrap, adhesive labels, printed details and even driving the parcels to the Post Office with petrol at over £7.50 a gallon. Believe me when I say these are really not expensive. (a not-quite-screen-accurate brass one is currently for sale on Etsy USA for £320.00).

Thanks to everyone for your support so far. I have started the ceramic casting in earnest and aim to start sending finished pieces out in the new year.

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