Casting Arrowheads in rubber

Discussion in 'Sculpture and Makeup Effects' started by Augustus22, Jul 29, 2015.

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    I've been watching a lot of tutorials about how to make molds and cast resin. There seems to be plenty of information on this out there. What I need to do though is cast rubber arrowheads for cosplay. Can someone give me links or other information on how I cast rubber parts?

    Where do I find the rubber for this (what's it called)?

    What do I need to do to keep the part from sticking to the mold? Will standard mold release work for rubber as well as it does for resin?

    What do I use to dye the rubber?

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    A good place to look would be smooth-ons website. They have a lot of products and a lot of how to currently casting resin arrowheads for a ren fair.
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    Hi Agustus22,

    Rubber is a pretty generic word for soft, flexible material. There are many types or rubber, and they are not always compatible.

    There are:

    Latex rubber (masks)
    Polyurethane Rubber (parts)
    Silicone rubber (Molds)
    Neoprene rubber (casting)

    for you arrow heads : Polyurethane rubber (shore 40 - 60)

    Arrow head Mold: Silicone RTV (shore 40)

    Silicone is ideal for molds because NOTHING sticks to it. (Not even paint) so you can use it on your model without worry.

    Polyurethane is ideal for the arrow heads. It sticks to EVERYTHING that doesn't have mold release applied to it. (but doesn't stick to silicone mold!) It holds color and can be painted.

    But seriously? I would first look to buy rubber arrow heads, and my second choice would be to take an Exacto knife to a rubber pencil eraser and paint it black, because all that casting and molding is going to be $50 - $100 for materials.

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