Cardboard Captain America shield


I was planning to try out this build, a cardboard Captain America Shield.

The guy in the video does not use resin or fiberglass to strengthen the cardboard, but I want to do that.

This will be my first build of anything, so I was wondering.. :

1: Should I put all pieces together BEFORE I apply the resin, or do I put resin on one piece at the time (will resin make the cardboard expand?)
2: Do I have to do anything else to the cardboard before I put on the resin?
3: Do I have to sand Down he resin after it dries, or will it be a smooth layer?

And do you have any other tips for me?

Thanks for all your help, will post pictures when I get started..
1.I think you should put all pieces before applying so that it would probably fit better.
2.I have seen people apply fiberglass to paper so I think it should work finely on cardboard.
3.Probably depends on how well you do it

Tip:If this is your first time, look up on many tutorials on the internet so you would get a better understanding on what you want to do

Good luck on this build.:thumbsup
I have watched countless videos on pepakura and all sorts of stuff, so I know a bit :) Just wanted to make sure so I didn't do anything wrong :) Buying the material tomorrow, so we'll see when I get to start :) Thanks for answering..
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