Captain America (P.R.) Avengers New Helmet 2012 (page 6) painted new photos


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I had been sculpting this helmet (and ears) from the first day i saw the photos of the new costume of CA at Comic Con and I'm still waiting for more photos to make this as accurate can be, this just the first process , need a lot of work and two molding step :cry, i waiting for more photos :wacko, specially the complete front and back section. There is a Comic Covention near by so i want to show some of my artwork from painting and sulpting.
I hope you like it.
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Re: Captain America (P.R.) Avengers New Helmet sculpt..

If it's anything as good as your Iron Man, I'm sure it'll be spectacular
Re: Captain America (P.R.) Avengers New Helmet sculpt..

Thank you for all the comments, that means alot to me thanks, well the cover ears is almost done, there are some interest people for the helmet asking me about the size, i'm sculpting on top of lifesize head bust (my own head bust) the helmet inside will be around 23.5 to 24 inches circuferences, if is a little big for some one just add a little padding, i will give the exact measurent when is done, just in case anyone is interesting, the helmet and the cover ears will be separate as a kit form, i will post some photos later showing the ears to see how it looks and hear your opinion
it still a lot work specially the two molding process but i'm working on it.
Thanks again.:thumbsup
Re: Captain America (P.R.) Avengers New Helmet sculpt..

Shaping up to be the best looking Captain America helmet yet! You have a great eye for detail.
Re: Captain America (P.R.) Avengers New Helmet sculpt..

Wow that is looking really good, I will be following this thread. You have a real talent there maulfett.
Re: Captain America (P.R.) Avengers New Helmet sculpt..

Muchas Gracias:thumbsup, well i have been try to figure out how the make the helmet and the mask (balaclava), this is my guess
The use probably velcro, glue or snap buttons to put the helmet to the balaclava, the same with the cover ears so everything stay in place and nice
(sorry for my broken english)
Here is a photo that i made or how have to be done. That is why i will make the cover ears and helmet separate
P.S. I won't make the balaclava that is not my field, sorry.

Let me know what you think.
Re: Captain America (P.R.) Avengers New Helmet sculpt..

This looks Amazing, cant wait too see the finished costume, i have a commision of Captain America Avengers costume
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