Captain America costume (WIP)


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I've been trolling around here for a while, and i figure it's about time to post something. I've gotten a lot of inspiration from some of the members on here (i.e. SMP Designs, Captain Rogers, callmemilo, etc.). So, i'm goint to jump in head first for a Captain America costume. It's going to be a little bit MCU, some comics, and a little bit original. I'd like to have it done by Emerald City Comicon, but I'm probably not going to go very fast. I live with roommates, and they complain about the smells and the clutter from what I've done so far, but the spare room is open now (I'm commandeering it. So, bear with me & wish me luck.

What I've got so far:
I started with JFcustom's foam pep file

I Traced it onto some 1/8" foam sheets, with some minor modifications. Then I super glued it (and myself) together. My first time doing a pep of any kind, and I came out with this
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