Captain America Airsoft Shield


Hey guys!

Just received my very first project by mail, is a captain america shield, it's all black so paint job must be done, as this is my first project I really need any advices or tutorials and someone point me in the right direction as how to start and do everything, and literally I mean everythin!! LOL

Well as for the paint I wanted to do the classic white, blue and red paint, as my costume is an ultimate captain america, as soon as I receive the costume pictures will be posted. This is my very first grand project and I wanted it to be as perfect as possible, so please help me and pardon me in advance from my lack of knowledge cause I'm a noob.

BTW I live in Mexico so materials are kind of hard to find so if you give me many options for paint and materials will be a great help for me to find them.

Well the image I couldn't upload but is the airsof version from this site
Ok guys, this is how the shield is looking right now. Thanks to Phil from the LOH who basically tell me how to do everything and answer my 10 emails with questions about everything. Currently I'm waiting for the white coat to dry, the red has been painted also, tomorrow comes the blue part and the clear coat to finish everything.

Just missing the clear coat and the tiny mistakes to be painted, tomorrow comes the final pics :D.


(Today's lesson: never try to fix mistakes with a brush and paint in a fast way, you tend to spill a red drop on the white zone, lol!)
Looks awesome!!!!

The only thing I can think of is if you were going for the movie's battle damage look, use a silver aluminum paint as the base, and use painters tape (blue tape) to mark off where you want to see "battle damage" where the ricochets hit.

Once you get the red and white paint looking right, just peel the tape off and you have little sections where the metal paint is poking through, and maybe dry brush some black around it to make it look kinda weathered.

That's only for the movie version though, for a comic version it's looking awesome! Wouldn't change a thing :)

Zegen: I know it look kind of dark, lol, but it is my first paint job, hope next project I manage to perfect my skills.

Chris: Thanks for the advice man. I am going in a near future to do a movie cap shield, but first I am looking forward to buy a batman begins suit. My childhood dream :p

winghead: Thanks bro!

I am currently also working on the suit, I'll be posting the pics on the replica section as soon as I have the suit with me next week. Hope you guys take a look and give me some advices on how it is going.

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