Capricorn One

Mr Webber

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Loved this at the time and i still love it now. Got the bluray some time back and as this is on the list, put some thought into any replicas that might be cool. Had to start with this, the one prop i always wanted to have.

"The agency would like you to have these commemorative binoculars to help you watch the launch and remember this day"

View attachment 68461 View attachment 68462 View attachment 68463 View attachment 68464 View attachment 68465 View attachment 68466 View attachment 68471

After much searching found the binoculars and case are Bushnell brand. Couldnt find a black case so just painted the easy to find brown one. Took a long time to find the exact binocular model but i have one in transit and will post the model number when they arrive, didnt have the model name on the listing.

View attachment 68468 View attachment 68469 View attachment 68470 View attachment 68472 View attachment 68473 View attachment 68474

Had to look at a lot of cups to find this one, turns out to be a Papel of LA brand cup from the mid seventies to the late eighties. Was impossible for me to find a blank one so had to look for one with a small enough logo to fit the
Capricorn One logo on. The Sam the Eagle ones from the early eighties was the best one out of a small supply. The plan was to actually have the logo stamped on the cup but you cant do the process over an existing one.

View attachment 68475 View attachment 68476 View attachment 68477 View attachment 68478 View attachment 68479 View attachment 68480 View attachment 68481

Got the idea for the Apollo 13 ID`s after working on these with Stu, his design work on these was fantastic.

View attachment 68482 View attachment 68483

A controversial prop nowadays but they are what they are and im not a supporter of modifying history so here is a pack of era correct Marlboros much loved by Elliot the boffin. Found a template for this pack on the net.

View attachment 68484 View attachment 68485 View attachment 68486 View attachment 68487 View attachment 68488 View attachment 68489

After finding a picture of a screen used original,these were the hardest and most time consuming replica to put together, the guy who does my patches is usually pretty slow but he really took his time on these, cant blame him, cant stop a run of 2000 patches to do a run of three i suppose. The metallic gold thread thats used in the originals was a nightmare for him to replicate and doing one nearly broke his machine but he managed to finish one off with it. The other two patches were done with a more common thread but looks fairly similar. In the end the wait was worth it as the patches turned out better than i could have imagined.

View attachment 68491 View attachment 68492

The great mans hat was actually Stu`s idea and it was a cracker. Couldnt find the same model shades Telly wears but a five dollar pair of similars from ebay are good enough for sure.

View attachment 68490

Was much joy putting this together and it wouldnt have been done without the help and input from Stu (stromo)
Thanks mate.
Got a couple more little things in the works but have been sitting on this for long enough. Hope to see anybody elses Capricorn One items.

Mike J.

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Neat. Kinda surprised this was released on bluray. Or is this from an HD broadcast?

Neat and unusual stuff no matter what. Your production values look good. :)

And every patriotic American loves Sam "the Man" Waterston :lol

-Mike J.


What a blast from the past. I have a vivid memory of going to see this movie with my dad and bro. I remember my dad saying "It has a great football star in it". I always have liked this movie, however I have not seen it in decades :lol

Interesting prop ideas and well done.


Mr Webber

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Thanks guys.

Mike, the bluray has been out down here for a while, a great quality transfer and in the cheaper bracket. The snaps here are from a 720p avi.

Thats great Kelso, thanks for shareing.

Same here Stu, anytime.

phase pistol

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Now do the signature prop from the film. :D


Mike J.

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There's a throwaway reference to this in the terrible "A Sound of Thunder" movie:

"When Hatton (Ben Kingsley) receives his clients after their time safari, he likes to compare them with great explorers: Marco Polo, Columbus, Armstrong ... and he also says "like Brubaker on Mars", remembering a future (past for him) conquest of the red planet. Brubaker was the name of the commander of the Mars expedition in the film Capricorn One, also directed by Peter Hyams." - IMDb


Mr Webber

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Nice idea Robn1, i looked into repkicating that kit but couldnt find much and unless someone makes a replica flare in plastic, id never get one in. Shame to as i like to have at least one weapon with every display nowadays.

Mike J.

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Who are you, to tell a young spaceship where it can and cannot land? How can you quash the dreams of a LM?
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