Can you make the Mattel Ghost Trap "smoke"?


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Before the wisecrackers chime in with comments about buying a pack of cigarettes for your ghost trap and forcing it to smoke them all - which is oddly funny - what I mean (and I know you know what I mean) is there a SAFE and effective way to produce smoke from the Mattel ghost trap?
I am looking into model trail smoke pellets but don't know how they work or if they would be safe inside the housing.
Having the smoke function by pressing a switch would be nice but I think having something that I can drop in (out of eyesight at a party) and then walk in with the smoking trap would be really fun.
Has anyone tried this?
Ahh yeah, I didn't think of the electronics.

OK, how about something simple, like a cone incense inside a brazier style burner? It would work if you dangled it from a chain inside the trap. You'd just have to be sure to set it down in the same way you carry it until it goes out/you put it out, otherwise you'll risk ember burns to your trap.

Couldn't do that too many times without smoke staining the plastic though.

Honestly, I can't think of too many ways without modifying the trap, so I'm prolly not much help. :lol