can anyone help with Arkham Knight Scarecrow build?

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    Hi all!

    Late last year i went to my first comiccon, me and a few friends went up, and had a great time, i chose my favourite geeky tshirt and was on my way!

    when we got there, the first fought was how under dressed for the occasion we was!

    so next comiccon came around and i decided to go as Arkham Cities scarecrow, but after a bit of time and fought i decided since it was my first cosplay i wanted to go as my favourite character of Deathstoke!

    11401292_1114517915229967_6838261846495611929_n.jpg 22499_10153417421193573_2294269158596038834_n.jpg

    I was mostly happy with it for a first attempt!

    But now i want to go as Scarecrow


    i have found the problem with cosplaying at the level i am is that half the battle is knowing the name of the item i need to buy then modify!
    I have made the mask, i have the bombs ready to go!
    i have some kebab skewers and little tubes for the fingers, but the rest of the glove i am drawing a absolute blank,i am in the uk, so ebay, or are my main options, if anyone can suggest help with finding the parts it would be gratefully appreciated!

    thank you
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    There's a lot of different directions you could go to make the rest of the glove/gauntlet. As always, it depends on how accurate you want to be, how much work you are willing to do, and how much you are willing to spend.

    The most expensive, least laborious option would be to commission it from a 3D designer and send that 3D model to a 3D printer.

    But let's pretend you don't want to spend or don't have that kind of money (like most of us!). One way you could do it is to build it out of EVA foam. It would take a lot of patience, and a decent amount of the thinner craft foam to get all the details, but you could make it look just as good. Another way would be to check out a hardware store. I'll bet you could find a lot of useful pieces in the electrical wiring and construction hardware sections. That method requires a little bit of imagination, but can yield some awesome results (since you'll have a piece made out of actual metal and wires).

    One thing I would caution though: you may want to re-think skewers. "Pointy metal objects" regardless of size are generally frowned upon in costumes at Cons. But that also depends on the con, so be sure to check the weapons policy of the specific con before you make an awesome costume that you can't wear.
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    I agree with all of that..most of us dont really have all the time, money, or resources to make our props, but there are always other for me I was Scarecrow last year for the New York Comic con, and it was my first time really making my own prop, so when it came to building the glove I went with the only material I knew how to work with...cardboard :)

    IMG_0680.JPG IMG_0697.JPG 20141007_025022.jpg

    So, I hope this helps in how you wanna approach it, but I was very pleased with the end I wish you the best of luck and cant wait to see what you come up with :)
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    I made an Asylum glove with some pvc pipes, injectors, and hose and it worked out well. I regret not using cardboard though since it is a little on the heavy side, but that's what upgrades are for :).
    CAM00888.jpg CAM00890.jpg CAM00896.jpg CAM00909.jpg
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    Agreed. When I did my build for the original version I used the ink tubes from the insides of cheap pens for the needles. I just soaked them for a few hours prior to help wash out the ink then cut them to size and trimmed one end at an angle to mimic real hypodermic needles. Plus after painting them most people thought they were metal anyways. They were cheap, pretty solid, and a lot safer than most alternatives, especially taking into account a lot of con rules regarding weapons. Plus the they have a bit of flexibility so if they get hit or caught on something they don't snap. I got through no problem at NYCC.

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