buzz lightyear pep files


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so, after a few people requested this, pepmaster gave me the files and i unfolded them :)

this rar file contains: boots+shin, thigh, cod, chest, bizep, forearm and handplate. they are very low poly, but especially the chest is workable

i hope you like it, and give credit to pepmaster, who provided the files :)

Buzz Lightyear pep.rar


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heck yeah!! thanks for the files!! been looking for a set for a while, i have found my next project!! Thanks so much guys!!!


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Guys one tip while these are pep files they are low poly. So they are perfect for foam building I think. But for Pepakura Building not so much.


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They're pepakura files. You need to download pepakura designer from Tamasoft at Pepakura Designer

Also, I've been putting together the chest files for fun (about half way done) just going the usual paper craft route using a smoother unfold I made, and I think this may be an ok file to do a combo pep/foam build with FWIW

Graphic Jordan

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I took a render of the .obj included in that zip in case anyone was curious as to what the level of detail was like for this model. Like it has been said.. this would be great for foam. Not so much pep, although finishing work could make it shine.


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