Buying polystyrene sheets, Where do you buy them?


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Hey guys! I'm looking to work on a costume based on a League of Legends character named Taric, Here is a reference pic.

Taric full.png

I would like to make all the crystals out of Clear Plastruct sheets (heard wonders about that product) So I can paint the insides of them with some transparent red and place LED's at the bottom to make them glow. The only thing is I cannot find any in a .028 size (recommended by a friend who made this character but he found his in a local shop)

Do you guys know of any good websites I can obtain clear sheets of polystyrene, doesn't have to be plastruct, but ones that I can cut gems out of a template and bend to shape? I have no shops near me that sell them.


Taric full.png
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Can't help you with the sheets but I'm looking forward to seeing how the costume goes, because it looks like an absolutely massive set of armor and weapons,


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In stores I've had no luck here in New Jersey but I found them everywhere online, ebay, amazon, google. The white or black sheets are much more prevalent but it shouldn't be hard to locate what you're looking for, it just depends how long you're willing to wait for it to get to you and how much you want to spend.