Building the Crabcraw Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts


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This is my first big build using EVA foam as well as other materials. For this first step, I located this Walkie Chalk stick from my local Goodwill but you can purchase it online as well. What I like best about the Walkie Chalk is that it comes apart in three different pieces and since I am wanting this prop to be travel friendly, it is key that they are able to separate and come back together in a manageable way. Since I only need the first two sections, I am able to keep the last piece as a spare in case something should go wrong.

This thread will cover my journey of building the Crabclaw Keyblade.

For the skeleton of the Keyblade, I have purchased a wooden dowel which is 7/8x48 but can be shortened to the desired length.

The pvc piping where the dowel will disconnect from was a bit loose, so to remedy that while still leaving it so that it can be disconnected, I used PTFE Thread Seal Tape to give the dowel a bit more thickness.

My next plan is to attach the other end of the dowel to the remaining pvc pipe.


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