work in progress

  1. Gojira72

    Shin Kamen Rider(2023) 3D Print Cosplay(WIP)

    So in preparation for Shin Kamen Rider coming out next year I have been over the past little while have been trying to replicate the helmet. The base of the Helmet was a 3D print from RAProduct3D on Etsy. The files came with forms for the eyes that I am currently smoothing out and preparing to...
  2. G

    Superman Red Son Suit Quarantine Craft!

    During the time of social distancing, great time to work on cosplay! Am I right?! Do to lack of toilette paper in my community i've decided not to go with my first choice, the mummy. Inspired by the new Superman : Red Son animated movie (inspired by the comic of the same name) and my love for...
  3. DarthAvarice

    Sweet Tooth Twisted Metal costume (W.I.P)

    As the title says, This is my work in progress Sweet Tooth costume. So far I have the mask, the pants and a few belts. I plan on adding the pink dots to the pants, upgrading the straps on the mask from velcro/elastic to leather and buckles, and turning a bunch of belts and rings into a harness...