replica prop

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  1. O

    Babylon 5 - Ivanova the Strong

    Here is one last page from Brother Michael's illuminated Bible of the future. Since he mentioned "Ivanova the Strong", along with Delenn the Wise and the Blessed Sheridan, it seemed a pity not to complete this trilogy of charecters. This time, I decided to move away from the Lindisfarne...
  2. B1RDY

    John Wick Continental coin box prop replica.

    Hello everyone, I would like to introduce myself to you all. My name is Colin and I live in the UK and like a lot if not all of you I love movies and to enhance my enjoyment I collect what I can and sometimes build what I can with my limited resources, funds and ability. So something I would...
  3. Barth Bader

    Joe Strummer's boom box replica

    I'm about to start on a replica of joe Strummer's boom box. A friend was recently given the original and I'd like to make a replica of the thing. Having never done this, I'm full of questions. Basically, all I need are some stickers and some reflectors. I've already got the base boom box. How...
  4. ChiCubsGordon24

    Mjolnir / General Paint Durability Help!

    Hey Fellow Makers! I'm hoping I can get some suggestions on painting techniques. I'm having an issue on my Mjolnir prop where the paint is rubbing off fairly quickly from use as seen in the attached pics. I 3D printed everything in PLA plastic and SLA resin. I have a layer of primer then paint...
  5. iamshazam


    I figured it was about time I post a build after being a long time member and silent builder...I am currently working on a 3D print / build of the MK50 battle damaged helmet from the Avengers Endgame trailer. I'll be posting update pics and such here as I go and will provide the build video...
  6. pilonieta

    Gizmo Corvette from Gremlims

    I always wanted to have a Gizmo Corvette replica of the movie Gremlins but researching I couldn't find more than one picture of the real prop. So I decided to create my own. I apologize for my writing in English is not great I hope to be able to explain my self. I'm smarter in Spanish. Only...

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