Building the Captain's Cabin (TOS) -- My "Fan Cave"


After walking through recreations of the Captain's Cabin in both Kingsland, GA (at Neutral Zone Studios) and in Ticonderoga, NY (Star Trek Tour), I began thinking about my own basement -- and could I create a "Fan Cave" hideaway that would allow a full-scale recreation of Matt Jefferies plans from Desilu in 1966? After all, I've been collecting key ingredients from the Cabin (props, and even furniture) for decades.

With the enthusiastic support of friend Will Smith, art director and set designer for most of the "Star Trek Continues" episodes, we figured out a way to make it work within the limitations of my basement. The result is incredible -- with the right lighting and even sound effects...


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The cabin is built on a 1:1 scale, but accommodating a beam that's in my basement and a few other smaller things. With the addition of both found objects and several works of art (some of which come from RPF members), I've tried to create an idealized version of Kirk's cabin. With the help of an exhibits building company, most of the two room suite is crafted from either MDF or plywood -- probably far sturdier than the original set.


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Some of Jefferies' original sketches show the bed as a big trapezoid -- a favorite shape of the designer. So my idealized version was made and upholstered to be wider at the head than at the feet, which itself created a design challenge for the rectangular pillow cushion. Custom made from a foam company that specializes in making boat cushions, the bed is actually a very comfortable spot to relax!


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The "Fan Cave" is a reminder to me of the many artisans who work in our hobby, including the Salt Lake City artist who created many of the 3D printed sculptures in my version of the Captain's Cabin -- and also this wall hanging, seen in various views. Chair conversions are a credit to Ralph Miller, of course, who created the cushions and chair backs.


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I bought your last piece of fabric a few months ago! I got sick and haven't started my pillows yet.

Did you cut pvc for the divider and paint them? Also, what color are the walls (grey)? Online?
WOW! Nice CO’s cabin…….how about you posting a few pics with you on the bed….and or sitting at the desk….or standing in the doorway between the bed and desk areas….in uniform if possible….if not regular street clothes would do. It will give a better perspective of the size of the entire area used in the basement.

A simple enough request Fan…..


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