Build Thread - Mark 15 Sneaky - papercraft to full metal suit


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Hey all,

I have been a long time RPF stalker and non member now and have decided to start up an account and a build thread. I have been very lucky to have recieved an Iron Man Mark 15 "sneaky" helmet file from a member to help me aid in my goal of creating a full metal sneaky suit (similar to that of Sandbagger)

I will try and document the whole process as it progresses from papercraft, to fibreglass and then ultimatley into metal (will be steel at this point as alloy is very hard to weld with)

The paper helmet is almost complete and will move into fobreglassing next. I am still looking for a 3d model file for the rest of the suit and any help would be very much appreciated. (I have tried to extract the sneaky from the iron man android game without success.. have some of the other models though)

I am also using the 1:5th scale sneaky head model from king arts as a secondary source for the metal templates.

Here are some pictures of progress so far.


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