Buck Rogers Ranger 3 color questions


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Hey guys. Even with my meager funds, I decided to take the plunge and order one of TimeSlip Creations excellent Buck Rogers Ranger 3 studio model kits. So I have one coming this week and I will likely start work on it once it arrives since these kits supposedly are some of the best resin castings out there and I've always wanted to do a studio model replica (and work up the nerve to do my CC X-Wing in a year or two).

I have a couple questions though. First of all, I've seen pictures of the Ranger 3 at the old Univeral Hartland site and the images at Battlebuck.com. Does anyone have any idea what paint colors/brands Universal Hartland might have been using at the time when they did the Ranger 3? I likely will have to match by eye if they used Pactra paints, but I am kind of hoping maybe some Floquil shades were used, which would make shade duplication easier to accomplish.

Secondly, George's Ranger 3 builtup with lights has three red navigation lights in the model (wingtips and tail fin). I don't recall ever seeing nav lights on the effects images of the studio model. But if they were there, I would love to add them as I may use this model as my first lighting project since the difficulty doesn't seem too bad (just glowing LEDs, no flashing or strobe effects).

Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks.
It depends on which version you want to do - the clean or the dirty Ranger 3. Any paneling you do will be obliterated if you do the heavily weathered version. I recommend using lacquer based paints (like Tamiya Sprays) and oil paints for the weathering. The weathering technique used blends the colors together. And they aren't just black and white.

I have some photos that I need to dig out for you and Suki over at the RI. Color is not the best but it will start. Yes, it did have lights.

I saw the kit at Wonderfest and it IS one of the best castings I have seen. Period. I have one in the mail, but it is destined to be a season 2 version (less interior work).

Thanks GK. I would appreciate any help I can get on photo support if at all possible.

Doing it clean or dirty will likely depend on my mood at the time. I see in the show that they used both versions almost interchangably it seems (probably because the dirt washed so much under the stage lights). Plus the full size set piece didn't seem that weathered. Of course, I know I can do a weathered subject pretty well. A clean subject by comparison tends to be harder to do.

Thanks for the reply on the lights. I might opt to go with something a bit more fact based on light placement, so the left wing light will be red, the right wing light green and white for the tail (or flashing red possibly) as that would more closely mirror what it should be on an aircraft.

As for my interior, I am not going for a strictly studio model look (of course the Timeslip cockpit is more set based than strictly studio model anyway). As such I am going to have a go at doing a pilot figure that isn't wearing a helmet and looks more like Gil Gerrard with a headset on (got a couple race car figures I can modify for that experiment). I would like to try and get that nice cockpit mood lighting effect the studio achieved in the set piece (since they likely used elements of the 747 set they got for use in the Airport films and modified for use as the Eastern Alliance destroyer cockpit). That could be easier said than done though. I'll work on it.
Well, my Ranger 3 kit arrived today. Very nicely done I must say and the cockpit also looks good. First step will be to see if I can make a new pilot figure for it (not that there isn't anything wrong with the resin one provided, I just want something a little different).

Lighting the engines should be interesting. It is doable, I just have to see if I want to try it with LEDs or something brighter.
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