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Sean Adams

New Member
hi guys thought i would just post this here.
some of you may or may not know me from the facebook forum where i posted my delorean model so i thought i would follow through with what i promised and upload the plans for it

for those that missed it ill add a few images to show my progress so far

there is the file for the plans

i must admit the plans are not that great, it really was more of a guide than anything. most of it will need to be cut twice and then attached as i only printed out half the model to save on printing as i knew i was going to cut it out of much stronger card boxes

for me the boxes were free so that was the obvious choice of things to use along with a little amount of mount board and regular card sheets for certain smaller parts that where a bit more intricate

first step was to cut out the main body and glue together the various parts, i just used a regular glue gun and it goes together quite nicely

just a not that when i modelled the doors i originally meant for them to be stuck to the body, sticking out slightly to give definition. but when it came to it because i was using such thick card boxes it looked pretty stupid, it would have been fine for a thin card model but it didnt upscale very well so i modified it as i went along, though there would be nothing wrong with modelling those parts out of thinner card stock.

the same for the wheels, i used the model as a guide but in reality i didnt feel like cutting hundreds of tiny wheel spokes in keeping with the real car wheels, again there is nothing wrong with wanting to do that the pieces are there to use them. i just ended up building them from scratch and adding the spokes in by drawing lines of glue lol

i know its not greatly detailed but for me its just a wall decoration and will do just fine

there were also a few peices at the rear end that i modelled but due to a few problems i decided to leave them out. mainly due to the face upscaling the model to thicker card, i didnt account for thickness and even though its a relatively small thickness of card it soon adds up when you have multiple sheets and soon the space is an inch or more smaller than it should have been

but i think it turned out rather well, the model is not perfect ill be the first to admit it but i know a lot of you where asking for the plans so here they are, take them with a pinch of salt and use it more as a guide than a quick print and go model

the over all model is about 4 feet long maybe a bit more and as you can see form the pictures i made it to fit a particular area on a wall of my house. feel fee to modify the scale to suit your own needs


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