BSG Viper MK II Full Scale Set Prop vs Models, CG Ship


New Member
Hi, I'm new here.
Been enjoying reading all the threads and looking at the builds.

I'm currently working on a large scale BSG Viper MKII. I've noticed something.
The full size prop is quite different than the digital models, and also from the commercial kits I've seen.

Specifically, the wings.
On the full scale prop, the forward "trench" across the leading edge slats of the wing, slants down toward the wing tips.
On all the models from EagleMoss, Mobeus.. ect.. that trench runs forward almost parallel.

My question is, which one would be the most accurate?

Do you follow the full scale mock-up,or the commercial models and CG Ships?

Full scale prop.. notice the forward slat trench inboard edge.. slanted down, not straight:

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