Brazil Terminal help


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hey all, i'm planning my first attempt at a movie prop. a terminal from terry gilliam's movie brazil. so if anyone can get some screen caps of the terminals up i would greatly appreciate it.

i have come into posession of several old till screens that are just the right size, i can power them and filter the screens so they have blue light, i may be able to rescue the boards from the tills too so the screens will say something. an underwood typewriter can be bought for peanuts and i'm sure i can get my hands on some frensal lenses.

so, all i need is to see the prop's in detail.


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Wow.. thanks all, that's got to be a reply speed record..
thanks SSB, i've seen the electriclerk, kinda what made me think to do it-that and the screens i got.


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Actually, Darth Saber was going to try to make one of these.


True, but you were the one with screen shots...weren't you? :confused

Mike J.

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I'm sure I'm not the only one with Brazil caps :rolleyes

I just happened to be online at the right time :p