Brand new ESB DL-44 build


New Member
I decided to scrap my shoddy ESB DL-44 that was built from a seller on Etsy.. it ended up in the trash.
So, i found a new Denix C96 and started building.

1. Cut the barrel just rear of the iron sight ( the barrel was thru, so no need to drill )
2. Drilled hole for the M19 scope, however i missed off abit, so i had to reglue the hole with metal epoxy and redrill)
3. Opted for a thick brass washer, as i wanted sort of a Bespin/Hoth hybrid
4. Greeblie-mix
5. Weathered the gun to look old and worn, used reference photos from Google of old C96 Mausers to get an idea of the weathering pattern.

Pretty pleased considering this beeing my first ever prop build.
My fingers hurt, they got cut, and look terrible - but it was worth it






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