Blade Runner Voight-Kampff Machine Project

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UPDATE #3: Minor updates at

UPDATE #2: FYI, Gabe Galt (PropRunner) AKA Guz Raz is no longer part of this project as a result of his true identity. All I can say is that I like others were duped. I am without a doubt appalled. Shame on you sir.

For everyone's information Gabe/Guy's participation in the project was only going to be CAD services which have not been used up to this point. I would like to make it clear that the work you see below had no involvement from him as his work on the project had not begun to take form yet.

While I consider this a small setback, THE PROJECT WILL CONTINUE and updates will follow in short.

This has been a very unfortunate occurrence in an otherwise exciting project.


UPDATE #1: Main body
Displayed is the initial main body construct to be used for molding.


I am hoping to be able to show the beginnings of the prototype within the next month. This will be a humdinger of a project. With funding from a private source, including my own, we will create something not seen as yet for Blade Runner fans.

The design will be a merging of the Hero and wide shot versions seen in the film.

The list of features is as follows:

- 3 LCD/OLED screens with pre-produced video feeds
- Articulated servo controlled arm with LED lit eye
- Animated bellows
- LED lighted effects
- Battery powered rechargeable system
- Carry case

As soon as I have more to post, I will. Until then I have set up a site for updates at



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I will be starting work on the Vk machine, and the parking meters for our fan film in April. Will definately be posting lots of pics.

Like morganthriteen, I am considering making the Vk machine closer to mead's original design. Thought I love the one in the film, so I am VERY torn on how to do it.

The parking meters on the other hand, will match the film.

After that, it's a trafficator, and two vidphones..



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OH :eek MY :eek GOD. :eek

Do BR fans dream of electric VK's? What a great Project.


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That photo looks great John, I can't wait to see this thing finished, and of coarse, own one.. :D



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At Spinner44's request, we've removed the Prop Runner / Guy Raz post in this thread.

Continuted success with this project. :)

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Been waiting for this for years. Your plan sounds tremendous. Looking forward to updates with great anticipation.

"Indulge me." :D


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Excellent. I see that you are well along on with the project. I can't wait to see your progress.