Blade Runner Sushi bar


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Hello. I was wondering if anybody has some pictures of Blade Runner "sushi bar" model.
Quote from Cinefex:
"The 'Sushi bar' was one of out first improv-projects. It was supposed to represent a large section of one of the towers in Hades, with a restaurant and a gas station, and it was constructed all from loose scraps and things i could find in the shop - including an unsuspecting Sparklett's water bottle."

Apart from one picture in Cinefex there is only one i found on internet:


It shows Bill George sitting in front of the model. Sushi bar is visible in a couple of shots in movie, for example:


Here it is the big building in the middle-left part of the shot.

I hope some of you have some good behind the scenes pictures of the tower.

Thank you!!!:)

Mike J.

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Yours is about the best photo of it I've seen.

I do have some halfway decent shots, but not as good as yours.

You still want 'em?

-Mike J.


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Wow!!! Brody, thank you very very much.. There is some very good new angles on your pictures. I really appreciate your effort.


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Very cool. This forum was the first time I had seen/read about the Sushi Bar. One of my favorite movies and some of my favorite props. I love the use of metal etched pieces and wires to create that dystopian future. There is a guy that bought up all the black and white prints and a bunch of metal etched parts on yourprops. I keep bugging him to sell to me. I wish I had bought them at Profiles.


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Very cool. I never noticed it was supposed to be a sushi bar. I had read about "upper city levels" but this is not what I expected.

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