Bioshock Splicer Mask

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Hippie Dude

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I made a rabbit splicer mask from Bioshock about a year ago and decided to post the process!

To begin I used plaster bandage to cover my face in what is pretty much the overall shape of the mask. I coated my face in petroleum jelly to avoid the plaster bandage sticking beforehand. I did this over the sink as the plaster bandage is pretty messy and I was in front of a mirror. I allowed the plaster to harden for about ten minutes before taking it off and allowing it to fully harden. Notice how the cheeks are not yet shaped.

2014-10-13 21.46.11.jpg

Next I added blue insulating foam to the cheeks, which I shaped with a file and sand paper. I then covered the foam in more plaster bandage and left it to dry.
Next I made the edge of the ears out of two wire coat hangers. The wire runs down the side of the mask for extra strength and is hot glued on. (this is to temporarily hold the ears in place).
I then used a cereal box to make the inner portion of the ears. I cut them out with a scissors and then taped them to the wire with masking tape.

2014-10-28 13.15.28.jpg

I then covered the ears in even more plaster bandage. The overall shape of the mask was then finished. I left this mask for a week or two until all the moisture was gone within the plaster bandage.

2014-11-02 22.50.53.jpg

I used craft foam to make the filigree on the mask. The black foam around the edge of the mask had a sticky back but I had to use double sided tape for the rest of the foam work.

2014-11-05 22.43.12.jpg

I spray painted the mask white and then using gold model paint, I carefully painted the foam with a small brush.
Some small pieces of newspaper which I had under the mask while spraying it stuck to the mask. I touched up these areas with white enamel paint. I then gave the mask a clear coat. Unfortunately the areas which I touched up with white bubbled up after the clear coat was applied. It turned out the enamel was incompatible with the clear coat. The moral of the story is always paint a test piece with the paint you are using, be it on a sheet of paper, waste piece of wood etc.

2014-12-22 10.47.56.jpg

I drilled a hole in either side of the mask and using super glue, glued in a ferule. I then made up a little loop to hold the head strap out of more coat hanger wire, then put it through the hole. I bent the end of the wire to hold it it place. I then sewed on my head strap to both loops.
2015-01-06 22.24.05.jpg

I drilled an extra two small holes at the very top of the mask and made another loop. (this loop was a kind of square shape) I used epoxy resin to glue this one in place.
I added an extra piece of the strap and sewed it to the existing strap. I then used some double sided tape to add some foam padding to the inside of the mask.


The mask was then complete! The picture used below is before I added the third strap. ;) My mask did warp slightly while it was initially drying but it is not that noticeable.
2015-01-06 22.20.21.jpg

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