Bio Helmet construction, painting, tips and help!


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Hello guys! It's been a while without creating new helmets, I'm looking to improve my painting techniques first.
I basically apply primer and use automotive spray paint. The result is good, but I want something more professional.
• I don't want something super complex, but I would like to make my helmets more realistic,with a finish that simulates metal, something better than I already have.
Can you help me by indicating techniques and materials?
• Another thing I would like to do is make the viewfinder sturdier and more realistic. I just use a thin plastic (acetate) and insufilm. But have I seen many replicas with visors that appear to be acrylic?
• And finally. I would like to know if anyone knows any tutorial for the the lights? I use a simple, manual led system. But I've seen helmets that have a remote system. Does anyone have a tutorial for this?

Any suggestion for that too Every help is welcome! Thanks.
This is one of my helmets. As you can see, the paintwork is not bad, but it could be much better.


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