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OK assume you have a fresh Bio-helm, you wanna fit Glowing eyes, lasers and an MPU6050 Gyroscopic Head Tracking Unit to it.

1. The helm is going to be used as a seperate helm to the latex head piece, as in it's held on by magnets and you can remove it completely.

So, You're all suited up and you have the controls concealed within the suit - probably touch switches in the gloves or hidden switches elsewhere on the suit,

Question here is -

How do you make all the connections from the suit to the helm just by putting the helm on your head? (There are 8 connectins to be made!) OR.....

Does it all need to be self contained within the helm and wifi/bluetooth controlled? I want the suit to be autonomous and not rely on a handler blinding me with the eyes when I least expect it!

I dont want to appear to be activating eyes / lasers by touching anything, ie touching the left gauntlet computer control panel or fiddling with the helm to make the eyes flash or lasers come on.

I currently have a mask/head that has all these items on it and they (eyes and lasers) are connected via CAT5 cable and RJ45 plug and socket on the inside of the helm, not easy to get to when wearing.I I am working on a new helm that will be just a helm so will need to sort this problem out asap.

Am I asking or expecting too much? I'm sure some of you clever buggers out there must have cracked this by now! Please tell me! or you can PM me if its something REALLY special lol

Cheers guys... Rob.

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