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Originally posted by Durasteel Corporation@Jan 17 2006, 01:28 AM
Found some at a garage sale.   Anyone got good screen caps or photos of them?

Were there any alterations as I seem to recall?

There's loads of pics on

These are the closest anyone has found.

They're made by Esprit. They were touted as "the real deal" on BSN but there are some minor differences between the two.

As for alterations, the zippers on the gauntlets were removed as were the straps. Oh. And if the original gloves had brown suede on them it was dyed. Obviously.


Edit: Added attachment.

Mr. Bojangles

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This is the one that I have. Not sure if I am the only one who has it. Never seen anybody post any pics beside the one on the BSN. Since then I have modified the gloves - took the straps and zippers out.




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Hey, nice find. You don't come across those gloves very often. I used some close style gloves and modified. You never know what you'll find at a garage sale.

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I have a pair that are similar but without the suede on the fingers and instead of a zipper on the cuff it has a pocket that a mitten type cover comes out of to weatherproof the gloves.
The cover does have the suede on it.

It's made by Tour Master.
Their called Gloves-in-a-bag.

Just checked their site, looks like they don't carry them anymore.

Got them about 6 years ago with the intent to do a scout costume.

From what I understand there was someone that would mod these gloves to be screen accurate but I never had it done.



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Originally posted by jeezycreezy@Jan 18 2006, 01:44 AM
...... now discontinued.
No they're not, just because they're not available in North America, doesn't mean you can't get them anywhere else.


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If you've got a source for them, by all means share. I'm planning putting together a set of Biker Scout armor in the next few months.


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Originally posted by Rabid Ewok@Jan 18 2006, 02:28 AM
No they're not, just because they're not available in North America, doesn't mean you can't get them anywhere else.
Um...okay. So where can you get them then?

Aside from a zillion web searches and searches on eBay, a few years back I scoured Tourmaster's web site, found nothing, so I contacted them. They replied the gloves were discontinued.

Contact them yourself if you like:

I assume if anyone still has them that it is old stock. I would love to be wrong here.

Anyway, when do we get to see your gloves DC?



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I would also like to know if the gloves are still available, as Rabid Ewok say... Let us know where we could find them... ;).


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I wonder if someone could do a run of BS gloves. I have a pair of esprit I'd be willing to lend out for such a project...

Durasteel Corporation

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My tailor sews leather. His prices are great.

He quoted me 600 bucks on a vader suit which is very good.

Ive asked about gloves and he said he can do them.

Want me to ask?