Best sword fights ever?!


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My wife has never seen the Highlander. So we were watching it and as you can imagine, it's a FUN movie but the sword fights are pretty terrible.

It had us discussing movie (and tv) sword fights. I thought maybe this could be interesting here. Considering movie sword fights are as old as movies themselves!

What are the best movie (and tv) sword fights? (Swords, lightsabers, laser swords.....)

My FAVORITE is Luke -VS- Daddy from the Empire Strikes Back. The emotion and sheer DRAMA of that scene blows me away. What are your favorite sword fights?
The Ridley Scott film The Duellists has a few very good swordfights.
These were not big, classic Hollywood fights but short intense ones.

Scaramouche with Stewart Granger and The Three Musketeers (1973) had good swordfights too. The 1938 Adventures of Robin Hood with Flynn is fun.
Robin Hood vs. Guy of Gisbourne in the Errol Flynn version was good (both Flynn and Rathbone could fence well, I'm told)

The duel between Inigo and Westley in the Princess Bride at the top of the cliffs is a ton of fun ("I know something you don't know...I am not left handed.").

The duel between Inigo and Count Rugen (a.k.a. the Six-Fingered Man) is a blast as well.
Princess bride for the fun one....

Luke vs Vader in ESB for a real one. I have always loved how Luke starts off trying, and Vader isn't even putting in any real effort. Vader is fighting one handed and no real offense. Then as the fight goes on Luke continues his fight and Vader has to keep increasing his effort until the the point he decides to just bludgeon Luke with electronic equipment.
The POTC movies have several note-worthy swordfights (The DMC ménage à trois particularly) and many of the movies in the compilation video posted above came to mind. (Peter Pan, Princess Bride, Equilibrium, Kill Bill)

However, I'm going to go with a more controversial choice:
YouTube - ‪(Widescreen HQ Video) Matrix Reloaded "Chateau / Blade Leapers" Fight‬‏

We fans of the sequels are so few, I felt the need to "represent." :lol
To me, this scene is about more than just spectacular choreography. (Which it is, of course, by the great Woo Ping.) It's about the masterful composition (somewhat hindered in the youtube crop), camera movement, and environment combined to evoke a sense of character and theme. The specifically timed reveal of certain details of the environmental and the characters within it give you a deeper understanding of the conflict at play, which rather than just being a physical confrontation, is evocative of bigger ideas they represent in the context of the story.

Just my opinion.
I know Phantom Menace is hated around these parts, but you have got to give it up for "Duel of the Fates". Darth Maul taking on Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon still commands my attention.

I also like the sword fight between Jack Sparrow and Barbossa at the end of the first Pirates of the Caribbean.

It isn't the most spectacular display, but the end of Ladyhawke is one of my favorites also. Rutger Hauer is just pure awesomeness as Navarre.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is full of great swordplay.
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But if it is "over the top" you are in the mood for, nothing beats the part in "Revenge of the Ninja" where he stops the sword by clapping his hands together. lol
... or how about the swordfights as they jump through the air at the end of "Big Trouble in Little China" for over the top? I love that movie!!!
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