Best PVC Sterling build-up plans out there?

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Looking to build a PVC Sterling with some add on Sterling resin parts from EBay. Anybody got a good source for a straight-forward building tutorial and templates for one?

Thanks in advance,

Maelstrom's hit the nail on the head. Great tutorials there. However, I've always had trouble finding the right thin walled PVC. Asking Lowes/Home Depot employees for the thin walled stuff usually results in a blank stare. Any tips there?

Post a pic if you find what you are looking for. I`m going to go look at Home Depot this weekend myself.


Your link does`nt says you have to sign in to view it.
Thanks. Love you, too. :lol

I've read quite a few threads where long time members point the way to the blaster builders club.

Yes Darling. :lol It wasn´t meant against you.

Once they were best (and the only) available, but they are outdated. Still good for a fast and easy build, but he asked for "the best out there" - so i assume best available accuracy matters for him. ;)
As I understand it, the templates were made from an actual Sterling so they should be accurate.

They "should" ... in a perfect world ....

They are made for costumers, and they are better than a Hasbro.
But as i understand it, we here strive for higher accuracy than the average costumer. :love

They are missing details, are off at certain parts, .... not "bad", but also not the best plans out there.

Do what you want, just tried to help - i have my E-11 made from a real sterling + real parts - and gave a tip where you can find brand new made accurate plans. But of course you don´t need to use the better plans. :lol
Hmmmm....Would there be a market for these pieces made in metal? Honestly I can't believe there's no kit out there offered like this, and if there IS interest in this...

It's just a pipe with holes in hard could it be? :angel
Would there be a market for these pieces made in metal?

Yep, there is a market they sell for about $7,000+ require a background check, fingerprints, local law enforcement sign off and a $200 tax stamp and they must be legal to own in your State... Douglas Oefinger (DLO) pre-registered a butt load of these silly tubes before the 1986 machine gun ban went into effect in the US, and has capitalized on his investment many times over since then... His tubes are grandfathered and no more can be made for public sale after the 1986 ban...

Honestly I can't believe there's no kit out there offered like this, and if there IS interest in this...
The tube with the holes is equal to a machine gun in the US (that is if the BATF decides it can be readily converted to be functional, they decide arbitrarily there is no written definition) thus manufacturing the tube is equal to manufacturing a machine gun in the US... There have been "80%" tubes made and there are tubes with bonded blueprints available... The "80%" tubes push the legal limits to the edge and most of those offerings have thus dried up, likely due to BATF pressure, or at least that was what one person that used to manufacture and sell them told me happened to him... The "80%" tubes are generally just cut to length and have the 76 barrel holes drilled, none of the other cutouts are done...

Fines start at $100,000 (misdemeanor) or $250,000 (felony) and includes several years of free room and board at a Federal facility...

And the IRS puts the cherry on top for TAX evasion since they are a tax stamped item, that lack of paying the tax will get you another $100,000 fine and 5 more year free room and board at that Federal facility...

It's just a pipe with holes in it..
Once you put those correct holes in that pipe it's no longer a pipe, it's a machine gun in the US...

FYI the newly manufactured semi-auto Sterlings have a metal block welded inside the tube that prevents the full auto bolt from fitting in, the bolt is modified as well as the trigger group, and they also have a slight modification to the tube area where the trigger group attaches that will not allow the full auto trigger group to be attached... And they have a 16"+ barrel... These modifications are BATF approved mods that remove it from machine gun and short barrel NFA category and place it in a normal gun category... The modified tube is still a firearm and all firearms laws apply, it's just not a machine gun anymore...
After the Holidays I'll make a few calls and see what I can find out. I have quite the colection of weapons and got my licenses and permits many a year ago. Matter of fact, this just reminded me there's a Full-Auto Shoot comming up I have to get ready for :lol
I built this PVC E-11 a few years ago using the BBC plans with some resin sterling pieces from a member here(can't rember who) If they aren't accurate it's not by much.


I think the BBC plans are great.

I love the BBC plans,built my 1st e11 that way,i own 2 real deac sterling and in my humble opinion you can't get better plans.
Remember it's how you use the plans that counts,i kinda always take plans and make them my own by changing a thing or 2
but for FREE you can't beat the BBC plans
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