Best Nurhachi Urn


New Member
Hi, All,

I’ve had my eye on the Nurhachi Urn by Regal Robot for a while and have myself on the waitlist should someone happen to drop out, but I’m not holding out too much hope.

Does anyone have any leads on a comparable quality urn made by this or similar communities? I’ve heard of Marcpoon and Azuma but those are scarce and, even when found, are cost-prohibitive. I’ve seen several of varying quality across Etsy and eBay but all fall short for one reason or another. Others look decent but not many / any customer photos to reflect product received. Could anyone vouch for creators / shops? I have a few things on my wish list ahead of the Urn but looking for a general direction to focus on when the time comes.

Looking for a good balance between quality craftsmanship and coloring and, obviously, price. $200 would be my preferable limit but willing to stretch for something comparable to Regal Robot.

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