PVC sword and scabbard.


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My oldest daughter has recently got into Anime and wants to dress up as a character from My Hero Acedamia for Halloween. So naturally I had to make a sword.

I made it entirely from PVC plumbing supplies, heated and pressed in a mold then wrapped in Duct tape and insulation tape, with plumbers tape for the blade. I'm not to keen on the handle and may redo it. The photo I found had the Ito wrapped like this, but it just looks wrong. I could have gone a bit further with it and made it look more realistic, but as she wants to carry it around on Halloween it's probably best it doesn't look too real.


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Not bad, but the grip wrap should form a diamond pattern where the (traditional) ray skin of the grip would show through each of the diamonds. On top of that, the diamonds should be visible on the flat sides of the hilt. Still, very nice for a Halloween prop.

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