Best lights or LED's for Threepio eyes?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by godzilla, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. godzilla

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    I wired some yellow LED's in my threepio eyes a long time ago, but they weren't that impressive. I wired three LED's in a series with a resistor to a 9v battery for each eye. I did it more or less correctly, but they weren't very bright even though they were "ultra bright" LED's.

    I'm curious if anyone can offer any advice to a better light source and how it would be wired up. There's definitely something better out there than what I used.

  2. fettster

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    i cast 3, 3mm yellow leds into clear resin then painted the back of it silver to stop the light from escaping from the back.

    worked really well.

    I do know that the real lights were normal bulbs but im really pleased with how mine came out.

    hope that helps

  3. gonk27

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    With my very limited electrical knowledge, I'd suggest you might be using the wrong resistor?

    There was a very helpful circuit diagram floating somewhere for 3PO eyes - I'm sure someone has it?

  4. Beagle Bill

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  5. mlcallanta

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    I did the same thing of adding 3 yellow LEDs till tk409 suggested I used "Garden Wedding Lights" - these are bulbs that are as big as LEDs, but just a tad longer.

    8 lights come in the package powered by 2 AA Batteries. I just cut off the 2 lights (you need 6) & replaced the 2AA battery adaptor with a 9V adaptor.
    They're very bright & better than LEDs, I think.
  6. zorg

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    did you have the leds sideways or pointing out the way, there is a big difference in how much light is seen, very limited from the side.
    i embedded some orange/yellow leds in a pair of lenses (pointing out)and they were very bright, almost too bright.
  7. hyperdyne

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    I just redid the eyes on my 3p0 suit. Man, I think they may be TOO bright. :lol

    I used special LEDs that are ultrabright and also diffuse much better. They run off a 9V. I might have to scale down the brightness, although in person I think the eye lights look awesome. I used the MonCal brass eyes (they are spectacular BTW) with the included lighted eye assembly.

    Here is a shot of the eyes up close WITH the camera flash. You can still see the eyes are plenty bright:



    I cant get a representative pic with the flash off. Without the camera flash 3p0 looks like he is possessed right out of Batman Begins. :lol

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