Best chrome for home application


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I have tried most of the paints with various degrees of reflection and still not found what works best. This looks to be the best I have found to date. Not cheap but the results are very good.

Mr Mold Maker

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I couldn’t sit through the video, but I skipped through enough to see he’s using a Silver Nitrate system. I’ve used that exact set up from Angel Gilding.

As far as chrome goes, nothing beats it but vac metallization. BUT.. it requires a lot of practice and finagling to get right. It also requires a significant set up since you have to base and clear with 2K clear coat. You’ll need an HVLP gun and an adequate compressor, proper ventilation and PPE. The learning curve is steep, be prepared to make mistakes.

For my money, chrome paints like Spaz Stix and Alumaluster are just fine.


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I'm of the opinion that nothing really works to get a "true" chrome reflection. What is available is just too darned expensive or involves special tools and a very complicated system, that's why so few people have a decent Cylon helmet.
I've come to terms with this. I generally try to stay away from kits that require chrome.
Now silver...that's another story. I've had great results with cheap, rattle can spray paints. I use primer then wait 24 hours to cure. Then a generous amount of gloss black. Wait 24 hours to cure. Finally, any brand of "chrome" silver. I just spray thin coats over three days. I let this cure fore a week. My results are very good and it genuinely looks the part of silver, like a knife blade. Thin layers of silver over a few days and letting the whole thing cure for a week is key. It keeps the silver from being tacky or rubbing off while handling. Under NO circumstances should you spray any type of protective coating or clear coat. It will immediately turn grey.