Ben Affleck Daredevil (2003) Cowl - Need help!


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Hello, all. I have recently gotten back into reading Daredevil, and have also recently re-watched the film (the superior Director's Cut, of course! :lol). This got me thinking...I would really like to have the cowl like the one that Ben wore in the film. The trouble is, after hours and hours of searching, both here on the RPF and using the ever-useful Google, I haven't come across enough really good shots of it, especially the back. The best images I was able to find were off of the London Prop Store website:

DD Movie Mask Front.jpg DD Movie Mask Back.jpg
This seems to be an extremely close match to the one in the film, however in a few shots, Ben's cowl looks to have a much longer "tail". I also know that there is a vacuform half-mask of Ben's face underneath the leather, and I would like to do the same for myself. But again, the biggest issue I have is not finding enough good reference shots to get an idea of what it looks like, and I'd also need help in coming up with a pattern, as my skills in that area are TERRIBLE. Any help my friends here on theRPF can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for looking!


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I'm in the same boat. I love the Director's Cut, and the anticipation for the Netflix series has me thinking about this again.

This is supposedly a hero cowl with magnetic lenses. I assume the shorter tails are for scenes when the cowl was removed or shown by itself, with the long tails to keep it tucked in.


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I've wanted one of these for a longtime, but sadly no one makes em, best bet is to sculpt the shape and vacuform it and then glue it to the leather pattern, my suggestion for the pattern is get a head form and make a simple spandex mask and draw the seam lines onto it, then trace those onto a blank cotton fabric and then use those to make the mask. thats my plan anyway., though i don't have a vacuformer..... gonna have to find one


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I love both theatrical and directors cuts, with the exception of the characters of Bullseye, Kingpin and Elektra. They were badly cast. I like Foggy, Ben Urich and Matt's father. The movie really has gotten a bad reputation for reasons that I don't understand.

I think the suit itself is a fantastic representation of a slightly gritty, modern day, more practical version for this superhero to wear. It keeps much within of the confines of the various design interpretations over the years, while bringing some (what I would call) fairly minor tweaks, and a sensibly darker, stealthier finish to suit the tone of the film.

I'm sat here merely customising a figure because I like the interpretation so much. :)

Great to see I'm not the only DD '03 fan.
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